2019 PRCA Rule Book

B2.5.9.3 Application. An applicant for Noncontestant Card Member-Photographer status must submit a completed PRCA application and a non-refundable $300 fee to defray the costs of the review to the PRCA. The PRCA application form must be accompanied by a portfolio of the applicant’s work and two letters of recommendation, a minimum of one letter each from a qualified person in each category specified below: Group 1 (a former): Cardholding PRCA Photographer of the Year. Group 2 (a current): Cardholding PRCA photographer with at least 10 years’ experience as an Active Member PRCA Photographer. The portfolio should contain 20 prints, color or black and white, or both, in an 8 x 10 format, representing the sport of professional rodeo, which will be judged by the quality of their content, creativity, sharpness and overall representation of professional rodeo. If approved, and if all other membership requirements are satisfied, a photographer applicant will be granted probationary membership status. B2.5.9.4 Minimum Contracts. Applicant will be required to submit all work (contact sheets) from 5 rodeos-including at least 2 indoor or night events. Immediately after completion of each of the applicant’s five required PRCA rodeos, all contact sheets generated at that event must be sent to the PRCA Media Department for evaluation by the Photographer Coordinator.




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