2019 PRCA Rule Book

Group 2 (a former): NFR Announcer or Alternate Announcer, Top five nominee PRCA Announcer of the Year – past 10 Years. Prospective Specialty Acts must be reviewed and approved by the PRCA before the applicant will be considered for Permit Membership. A non-refundable $500 fee must be submitted to the PRCA with the membership application to defray the costs of the review. Applicant must provide a list of rodeos for evaluation. Upon evaluation and approval, applicant will be issued a Noncontestant PRCA Permit Membership. B2.5.10.4Minimum Contracts. The Permit Member can work on their permit until completing 5 PRCA rodeos or until the end of the PRCAseason, whichever comes first. Surveys will be sent to the Stock Contractor, Contract Personnel, and Rodeo Committee Chairman the applicant worked with at each of the 5 PRCA rodeos. These surveys will be kept on file until completion of 5 PRCA rodeos or until the end of the PRCA season. B2.5.10.5Requirements to Become a Full Specialty Act Member. Surveys sent to the 5 PRCA rodeos completed by applicant will serve as the applicant’s review for a permanent membership card. The Contract Personnel Executive Council will review the surveys after the 5 PRCA rodeos or at the end of the PRCA season; whichever comes first, and vote on full membership status of the applicant, with a simple majority vote determining if membership is approved or denied. B2.5.10.6Youth Legal Guardian and Insurance. Every youth or youth group that performs in a PRCA rodeo must have a legal guardian that has a PRCA Specialty Act card. The legal guardian does not have to be a performer. The evaluation process is still required and the youth or youth group must have insurance coverage at least equal to the PRCA accident coverage and must provide proof of insurance coverage to the PRCA Office and to the Rodeo Committee at the rodeo in which they are performing. B2.5.11 Music Director/Provider. A PRCA Music Director/Provider shall be de-fined as the individual that plays music at any PRCA rodeo performance. Each PRCA Music Director/Provider shall obtain his or her own member-ship status. B2.5.11.1 Dues and Fees. Annual dues, fees, and insurance premiums shall be the same as for Contestant Card Members. B2.5.11.2 Insurance Fee. Music Director/provider shall be subject to the insurance fee as set forth in Section B2.5.1.3.




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