2019 PRCA Rule Book

B2.5.11.3 Application. Applicants for Noncontestant Card Member-Music Director/provider status must submit a completed PRCA application to the PRCA. B2.5.12 Judges. Contestant Card Members may apply for Noncontestant Card Member-Judge Status. The annual dues shall be $200 plus the required premium for membership group accident insurance coverage. Applicants for Judge Status must be approved by the Supervisor of Rodeo Judges. An application for Judge Status (or renewal of Judge Status) may be denied, or an existing Judge status may be terminated, if an individual has been convicted of any crime other than minor traffic offenses. Judges shall not be Competition Eligible by virtue of their Judge Membership. B2.5.13.1Noncontestant Card Member-Stock Contractor. Unless otherwise stated, “Noncontestant Card Member- Stock Contractor” or “Stock Contractor” shall refer to Full Stock Contractors, as defined below, and shall not include Probationary Stock Contractors. B2.5.13.2 Firm or Individual. An individual or a firm, including but not limited to, a partnership, corporation, joint venture, limited liability company or unincorporated association, may be a Stock Contractor or Probationary Stock Contractor. Any reference to Stock Contractor or Probationary Stock Contractor shall include individuals or firms, as the case may be, which have satisfied the requirements for each respective category. Each firm must have at least one Full Stock Contractor or Probationary Stock Contractor membership and one membership card. In the case of a stock contracting firm which is a legal entity, only the designated operating officer shall be required to be the holder of a card, with the legal entity to be considered the owner of the card. Other officers of the legal entity may purchase a card for the requisite dues and fees, provided that the legal entity shall be considered the owner of the additional card or cards, and provided that no additional voting rights shall be afforded to the officer or the legal entity by virtue of the purchase of the additional card or cards. B2.5.13.3Stock Contractor Membership and Application Requirements. B2. Full Membership. Applicants for Noncontestant B2.5.13 Stock Contractors.

Card Member-Stock Contractor (“Full Stock Contractor”) status who meet all requirements for Full Stock Contractor status will become Full Stock Contractor members only after three Dues Paying Years. Applicants will have “Probationary Stock Contractor” status during the Dues Paying Year in which they file their application and until they become Full Stock Contractors or their membership is terminated.



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