2019 PRCA Rule Book

B2. Other Requirements – Minimum Livestock. All Stock Contractors and Probationary Stock Contractors must own a minimum of 25 bareback horses, 25 saddle bronc horses and 25 bulls, a record of which must be submitted annually to the Director of Rodeo Administration two weeks prior to their first PRCA rodeo or PRCA-sanctioned event or February 1, whichever is earlier. The Director of RodeoAdministrationmay require a Full Stock Contractor Member or Probationary Stock Contractor to submit proof of 100% ownership of any or all bucking stock. Failure to provide proof of ownership when requested will result in a $250 fine and any animal in question will not be eligible to be placed in the draw at a PRCA sanctioned rodeo until proof of ownership is established. During the Rodeo Year, Stock Contractors will notify the Director of Rodeo Administration of any additions and/or deletions to the Stock Contractor livestock list a minimum of one day prior to any of those animals being placed in the draw at a PRCA rodeo or PRCA-sanctioned event. Failure to notify the Director of Rodeo Administration of changes within the time frame listed above will result in the subject animals being ineligible to be placed in the draw at PRCA-sanctioned rodeos and a fine of $100 per animal. B2. Insurance Fee. Each Stock Contractor or Probationary Stock Contractor shall pay the requisite insurance fee for each rodeo at which such Stock Contractor or Probationary Stock Contractor serves as the stock contractor of record. The insurance fee will revert to the PRCA National Office to subsidize the membership accident insurance program and is in addition to the required premium for membership group accident insurance coverage. No Member shall pay more than one such insurance fee for each PRCA- approved rodeo in which he participates. B2. PRCA Stock Contractor Member Probation. The Board of Directors, by a super majority vote and at the recommendation of the Stock Contractors Executive Council, may place existing PRCA Stock Contractors on probation. The probationary period will be determined by the Board of Directors.




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