2019 PRCA Rule Book

Potential reasons for placing a PRCA Stock Contractor Member on probation may include, but not be limited to the following: (1) supplying riding event livestock of inferior quality to PRCA-sanctioned events, violating the Stock Contractor requirements set forth in these Bylaws or the Official Rodeo Rules, (2) staging substandard, lengthy or unprofessional productions, (3) causing undue safety concerns for contestants, rodeo livestock, other PRCA members and rodeo attendees, (4) repeatedly and willfully violating the PRCA Bylaws and Official Rodeo Rules applicable to Stock Contractor Members, and (5) engaging in activities which bring disrepute to the PRCA to include conviction for a felony offense and/ or failure to pay outstanding rodeo associated debts in a prompt manner when such outstanding debts are brought to the attention of The Director of Rodeo Administration. Before being placed on probation, a PRCAStock Contractor Member will be appraised of the reasons for their being placed on probation, the process to appeal the probationary status, and a Director of Rodeo Administration supervised plan to resolve the issues which led to the Stock Contractor being placed on probation. B2. CPRA Rodeos. In connection with each CPRA- sanctioned rodeo at which a PRCA-Member Stock Contractor serves as the Stock Contractor of record, such Member Stock Contractor shall be billed by the PRCA the requisite insurance fee. The insurance fee will revert to the PRCA National Office to subsidize the membership accident insurance program and shall be in addition to the required premium for membership group accident insurance coverage. No Member shall pay more than one such insurance fee for each CPRA- sanctioned rodeo in which he participates. B2.5.13.4Probationary Stock Contractors. B2. Application. The requirements in this section apply to new Stock Contractors aspiring to Full PRCA Stock Contractor Member Status, not Full PRCA Stock Contractors who have been placed on probation under terms of B2.



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