2019 PRCA Rule Book

To receive a Probationary PRCA Stock Contractor Card, the applicant must: (1) submit an application to the PRCA; (2) pay a $15,000 non-refundable inspection fee to the PRCA; (3) pay an additional $25,000 one- time membership fee in addition to yearly dues; and (4) post a refundable, interest bearing, $25,000 bond (to remain in place at all times for a 3-year period) with the PRCA to ensure that funds are available to cover rodeo related debts the Probationary Contractor may incur during the 3-year period. If the Probationary Contractor successfully completes the probationary period and becomes a Full Stock Contractor Member, the bond, with all accrued interest, shall be returned to the Probationary Stock Contractor after one year of Full Stock Contractor membership. If the Probationary Contractor fails to achieve Full Stock Contractor Member status, the bond shall be forfeited to the PRCA. The probationary period for a Probationary Stock Contractor shall be for two consecutive Rodeo Years. The Probationary Stock Contractor must be the primary Stock Contractor for at least six PRCA approved rodeos with a minimum purse in accordance with B10.1.17.1 in each of the probationary years. The six rodeos must be new PRCA rodeos that have not been sanctioned by the PRCA within 36 months of the year the Probationary Stock Contractor applies for their Probationary Stock Contractor Card. The Director of Rodeo Administration or his designee shall inspect at least one of the Probationary Stock Contractor’s rodeos per year during the probationary period. B2. Dues and Fees. Probationary Stock Contractor dues will be $300 (per year) plus the required premium for membership group accident insurance coverage, plus the Inspection Assessment. There will be a $2,000 initiation fee in addition to the dues for the Dues Paying Year in which the initiation occurs to cover the PRCA’s administrative costs associated with the processing of a new Probationary Stock Contractor membership. B2. Voting Rights. Probationary Stock Contractors shall have no voting rights on matters pertaining to Stock Contractors only during the first year of their Probationary Stock Contractor membership, but will have voting rights beginning in their second year of Probationary Stock Contractor membership.




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