2019 PRCA Rule Book

F) Stock Inspections. The Director of Rodeo Administration shall have the authority to inspect a PRCA Stock Contractor member’s stock at any time. Riding event livestock on record at the PRCA National Headquarters must be available for inspection at the home base within 14 days after notice is delivered to the home base. If the Director of Rodeo Administration, during the course of an inspection, discovers that the PRCA Stock Contractor member is not in compliance with the requirements for PRCA Stock Contractor members (including requirements for First Year and Probationary Stock Contractor, if applicable) as set forth in these Bylaws and/or Official Rodeo Rules, that Stock Contractor will be assessed a $1,000 fine per animal short of the minimum requirements and will have membership status changed to Probationary Stock Contractor. G) Ranch Inspection. An Active Member Stock Contractor may elect to have a ranch inspection of their livestock’s brand and numbers in lieu of inspections at rodeos. Such inspections shall be a minimum of two weeks prior to the Stock Contractor’s first rodeo and shall not exceed reasonable cost agreed on by Rodeo Administration and said Stock Contractor. It shall be at a time and place mutually agreed with the Director of Rodeo Administration. B2. Failure to Comply With Requirements of Full Stock Contractors. Any Full Stock Contractor who fails to satisfy the applicable requirements set forth in Bylaw B2. shall forfeit Full Stock Contractor status. In such an instance, the individual or firm which has forfeited Full Stock Contractor status will no longer be considered a PRCA Stock Contractor and must satisfy the requirements of Probationary Stock Contractors listed above in order to regain Full Stock Contractor status. B2. Dues and Fees. Annual dues for Full Stock Contractors shall be fixed at $300 plus the required premium for membership group accident insurance coverage, plus the Inspection Assessment. B2. Voting Rights. Each Full Stock Contractor shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of Stock Contractors. B2. Special Events Eligibility. Full Stock Contractors who meet the qualifications for a Special Event shall be eligible for a Special Event, such as the National Finals Rodeo, Circuit Finals Rodeos and the National Circuit Finals Rodeo.




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