2019 PRCA Rule Book

B2.5.14.6Rodeo Producer. No Rodeo Producer memberships will be issued by the PRCA beginning with the 2010 Dues Paying Year. If previously approved before 2010, annual dues will be $300 plus the required premium for membership group accident insurance coverage. Rodeo Producers shall have one vote on all matters put to a vote of all Members, but shall not be entitled to vote on matters pertaining to Rodeo Committees only. This rule shall not prevent a Rodeo Producer from voting on matters pertaining to Rodeo Committees only if such individual is voting in his capacity as a Rodeo Committee Contact. B2.6.1.1 Eligibility. An Active Card Member who has paid dues for 20 Dues Paying Years or has paid dues for 10 Dues Paying Years and has reached the age of 50 years will be eligible to apply for a Life Membership (Gold Card). B2.6.1.2 Fees. All Life Members who become eligible in accordance with B2.6.1.1 during and/or subsequent to the 2007 PRCA rodeo season will be required to purchase regular PRCA membership group accident insurance and pay the standard dues applicable to their specific membership category in order to enter or participate in PRCA rodeos. This does not apply to non-participating Gold Card-Life Members. All Gold Card-Life Members who earned Gold Card status prior to December 31, 2006 (under any and all previous qualification rules) will be exempt from annual dues, but must continue to purchase regular PRCA membership group accident insurance if they enter and/or participate in PRCA rodeos. All life members will be charged a one- time fee of $25 upon initiating their Life Member status. B2.6.2.1 Eligibility. Honorary memberships may be awarded by action of the Board of Directors of the PRCA to those individuals who have done something extraordinary for the sport of rodeo. Recommendations for honorary membership must be made in writing by an Active Member and must set forth in detail what the person recommended has done for the sport of rodeo. B2.6.2.2 Limitations on Privileges. Honorary Members are not allowed to participate in PRCA rodeos and are not covered by membership group accident insurance. B2.6.2.3 No Voting Rights. Honorary Members shall have no voting rights.

B2.6 Special Memberships.

B2.6.1 Life Membership.

B2.6.2 Honorary Members.

B2.6.3 Gold Committee Card Members.



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