2019 PRCA Rule Book

B2.6.3.1 Eligibility. A Noncontestant Card Member who has been an active member of the governing body of a Rodeo Committee for at least 20 years may apply for Gold Committee Card Member status. B2.6.3.2 No Voting Rights. Gold Committee Card Members shall have no voting rights. B2.6.4 Membership by Corporations and Other Legal Entities. B2.6.4.1 Eligibility. A corporation or other legal entity, including a partnership, joint venture or unincorporated association, may be a Member. A corporate Member may also be eligible to compete for prize money and Championship Points and circuit Points, provided the entity satisfies the requirements for such participation. Such an entity shall be referred to herein as a “Corporate Prize Money Eligible Member”. A membership card shall be issued to a Corporate Prize Money Eligible Member, either to the entity itself or to the individual designated to represent the entity, depending on the designation of the entity. However, the entity will be considered owner of the membership card. B2.6.4.2 Designation of Contestant. Corporate Prize Money

Eligible Members shall be required to designate, by written notice to the PRCA National Office, one and only one individual contestant or performer to enter or participate in rodeos on its corporate membership card for the lifetime of the corporate membership card. Only that designated individual, and no other, may compete on the Corporate Prize Money Eligible Member’s card or otherwise participate in PRCA-approved rodeos entered by such Member. All requirements in the Bylaws and Rules of the PRCA applicable to individual contestants or other Active Members shall apply to the individual designated by the Corporate Prize Money Eligible Member to compete on its card. Furthermore, the Corporate Prize Money Eligible Member shall, and by its membership does, assume responsibility for all obligations and liabilities to the PRCA arising from participation by such Member’s designated individual in PRCA-approved rodeos, and conversely, the designated individual shall, and by participation in any PRCA-approved rodeos does, personally guarantee the Corporate Prize Money Eligible Member’s performance of its responsibilities to the PRCA.




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