2019 PRCA Rule Book

B2.6.4.3 Corporate Name. Every Corporate Prize Money Eligible Member shall adopt and use as part of its formal corporate name the name of the designated individual who will compete or participate on the Corporate Prize Money Eligible Member’s card. For example, if John Doe is the individual involved, the name of the Corporate Prize Money Eligible Member must be “John Doe, Inc.,” “John Doe Company,” or a substantially equivalent name containing the name John Doe. An entity existing prior to application for Corporate Prize Money Eligible Membership with a corporate name not containing the name of the designated individual shall, as permitted by the law of the state of incorporation, either change its name or adopt an assumed corporate name containing the name of the designated individual. All PRCA rodeos shall be entered by the Corporate Prize Money Eligible Member in the corporate name containing the name of the designated individual participant. B2.6.4.4 Use of Taxpayer ID Number. A Corporate Member shall use its federal tax identification number, and not the social security number of the designated individual, in connection with all rodeo activities, applications or forms requiring such a number. B2.7.1 Cards or Certificates of Membership. The Board of Directors shall provide for issuance of membership cards or certificates evidencing membership in the PRCA, which certificates shall be in such form as may be determined by the Board of Directors. Such certificates shall bear the emblem of the PRCA. All certificates evidencing membership of any class shall be consecutively numbered. The name and address of each Member and the date of issuance of the card or certificate shall be entered on the records of the PRCA. If any card or certificate is lost, mutilated or destroyed, a new card or certificate may be issued therefore, on such terms and conditions as the Board of Directors may determine. B2.7.2 Issuance of Certificates. Upon approval of a membership application and payment of the initiation fee and dues that may then be required, a membership card or certificate of membership shall be issued in the name of the new Member and delivered by the Director of Rodeo Administration. Each Rodeo Committee will receive one membership card, as well as a certificate of membership for display. B2.7.3 Companion Passes. A companion pass shall be issued to each Card Member, Permit Member and Life Member (except Rodeo Committees) which will carry the PRCA membership number of the Member so that the companion pass may be identified with that Member only.

B2.7 Membership Cards.



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