2019 PRCA Rule Book


B3.0 General Powers. The Board of Directors shall have the power to conduct the business and affairs of the PRCAand the power tomake, adopt or amend the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, and, subject to the requirements of Chapter 11 of these Bylaws, the PRCA Official Rodeo Rules. The Board of Directors may take any action that it considers necessary or appropriate to carry out the purposes of the PRCA and may enter into any contract or obligation in furtherance thereof. B3.1 Composition of Board. The PRCA Board of Directors shall consist of 9 members: four Contestant Directors, two Rodeo Committee Directors, two Stock Contractor Directors and one Contract Personnel Director. B3.2 Contestant Directors. B3.2.1 Number and Tenure. The Representatives to the Contestant Executive Council (who shall also be the seven Contestant Representatives to the Competition Committee) shall select four Contestant Directors, two representing rodeo riding events and two representing rodeo timed events. The Contestant Directors shall serve two-year terms on an alternating basis so that each year one riding event director and one timed event director are elected. B3.2.2 Qualifications. To qualify for office, Contestant Directors (1) must be Active Card Members, (2) must have been Card Members for at least the five Dues Paying Years prior to the election, and (3) must not, within the five calendar years preceding the year in which the Contestant Director will take office, have committed an infraction which resulted in a single fine of $1,000 or more or a disciplinary suspension of six months or more. B3.2.3 Election. The election of Contestant Directors shall take place


at a meeting of the Contestant Executive Council to be held in November or December. Each Contestant Executive Council timed event Representative shall have one vote for the election of the timed event Contestant Director and each Contestant Executive Council riding event Representative shall have one vote for the election of riding event Contestant Director. The riding event nominee and the timed event nominee receiving the greatest number of votes shall be elected. In the instance of a tie vote, all Contestant Executive Council representatives will cast a vote for that position. A newly elected director shall take office at the first meeting of the Board of Directors held in the following calendar year and shall serve until his successor takes office or until his earlier resignation or removal.



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