2019 PRCA Rule Book

B5.2.1 Incur Expenses . The CEO, on behalf of the PRCA, may incur any expense which, in his sole discretion, is necessary to conduct and transact the ordinary business of the PRCA, including but not limited to, the purchase or lease of office space and/or equipment, the hiring of employees, and other assistance or services; provided, however, that the CEO shall not have authority to incur any expense for any Extraordinary Obligation or make any capital investment on behalf of the PRCA without prior approval of the Board of Directors. The term “Extraordinary Obligation” shall refer to non-budgeted, unanticipated expenditures or liabilities. B5.2.2 Resolve Disputes. The CEO shall have authority to undertake dispute resolution activity with respect to Members in accordance with the grievance procedures set forth in Chapter 12 of these Bylaws. B5.2.3 Judging System. The CEO shall select and employ a supervisor of Pro Rodeo officials and shall have general authority over the Pro Rodeo judging system of the PRCA. B5.2.4 Establish Departments. The CEO shall have authority to establish a public relations department for the PRCAand any other such departments as he may deem necessary to effectively carry out the functions of his office. He may employ persons to staff said departments and shall fix and determine the compensation thereof. B5.2.5 Sell Rights. Subject to the direction of the Board of Directors, the CEO shall have authority to arrange for and sell all broadcasting rights for PRCA-approved events and shall have the authority, working in conjunction with officials of PRCA Properties, Inc., to generally supervise all sponsorship and promotional activities of the PRCA or PRCA Properties. In this regard, the CEO shall also hold the office of President and Chief Executive Officer of PRCA Properties, Inc. B5.2.6 Negotiate Contracts. The CEO shall have authority to arrange for and negotiate contracts on behalf of the PRCA with other persons, firms, or associations; provided, however, that except in instances where the CEO is otherwise specifically authorized herein, any contract involving an Extraordinary Obligation, as defined in Section B5.2.1, or other matters of like importance shall not be binding unless first approved by the Board of Directors. B5.2.7 Propose Amendments. The CEO shall have the right to propose amendments or modifications to the Constitution and Bylaws of the PRCA by submitting such amendments or modifications in writing to the Board of Directors at a regular or special Board meeting. In addition, the CEO shall have the right to propose competition rule changes by submitting such a proposal to the Competition Committee for its consideration.



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