2019 PRCA Rule Book

B7.4.4 Determination and Designation of Nominees.

B7.4.4.1 Incumbent. The incumbent in each office category shall automatically be considered a candidate, provided said incumbent meets the applicable qualifications under Section B7.4.2 of these Bylaws and provided said incumbent abides by the guidelines set forth in Section B7.4.4.2 of these Bylaws for nominee notification of willingness to serve if elected. B7.4.4.2 Determination of Nominees. As soon as practicable after January 1 of the election year, the candidates receiving nominations under Section B7.4.1 of these Bylaws shall be determined, and the incumbents for each office category, who meet the applicable qualifications under Section B7.4.2 of these Bylaws for the offices to which they are nominated in that election year; or, in the case of the incumbent, for the office which he currently holds. After determining the candidates’ eligibility all those candidates with five or more nominations shall thereupon be notified in writing of the fact that they are among the candidates for the office in question. Such notifications shall be sent by e-mail or mail to the addresses (as shown by the current records of the PRCA) of such candidates no later than January 15 of the election year. Each of the candidates so notified of his candidacy for office must expressly respond in writing, on or before February 15 of the election year indicating whether he is willing to serve, if elected, in the office for which he is a listed candidate. Once a candidate’s response is received, it shall be irrevocable. Any candidate to whom notice is sent who fails to respond in writing by February 15 as provided above shall be deemed to have declined said nomination for candidacy for the office in question.



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