2019 PRCA Rule Book

B8.1.4 Partners. Each NFR contestant header must be paired with an NFR contestant heeler in the team roping, and vice-versa. Pairing shall be accomplished pursuant to procedures established by the PRCA. Failure to select a partner according to these procedures by the established deadline will result in assigning of partners based on a random draw conducted by the Director of Rodeo Administration. A header and heeler shall not be considered a team for the NFR team roping unless and until both the header and heeler have confirmed their pairing together with the PRCA National Headquarters. B8.1.5 Confirmation of Participation. Each Contestant Card Member who is an NFR Qualifier pursuant to Sections B8.1.2 or B8.1.3 and who is Financially Eligible and Competition Eligible for the NFR must confirm with the Central Entry Office that he will participate in the NFR no later than the date and time of confirmation closing for the NFR. Failure to confirm participation will result in a fine and/ or disqualification from competing at the NFR. All others invited to participate as a replacement for an NFR Qualifier must confirm participation in the NFR by the date and time of confirmation closing. B8.1.6 Eligibility for World Championships. All contestants accepted to compete at the National Finals Rodeo shall be eligible to win the World Championship in the event in which they are competing. B8.1.7 Failure to Participate in the NFR. Any Financially Eligible and Competition Eligible contestant who confirms participation in the NFR and fails to appear at the NFR will forfeit any monies and trophies awarded under the PRCA award system and will be fined $250 unless, in the opinion of the PRCA Board of Directors, such contestant has a justifiable reason for not appearing. B8.1.8 Prize Money. At the National Finals Rodeo, equal prize money per contestant may be paid in all PRCA events as long as by doing so the other entities and events involved in the NFR will not see a reduction in compensation and purse money scheduled for their events and entities under the current NFR contract with the host committee, with the available contractual purse money being allocated according to the current allocation formula. Any additional money used to equalize prize money to be paid in an event must come from a source outside that allotted by the current NFR contract with the host committee. B8.2 All-Around Points at the NFR. Only the NFR Qualifiers shall be eligible for All-Around Points at the NFR. Substitutes for contestants unable to participate shall not be eligible for All-Around Points.



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