2019 PRCA Rule Book

B8.3 Provision of Riding Event Livestock.

B8.3.1 Minimum Performances. All riding event livestock selected for the NFR must have been drawn for competition a minimum of eight times at PRCA rodeos during the Rodeo Year for which the NFR is being held. An animal selected for bareback riding or saddle bronc riding need only have been drawn for the minimum eight competitions in these two events combined. All riding event livestock minimum performance requirements must be met by the end of the Rodeo Year in order to be selected. A Stock Contractor qualifying to bring selected riding-event livestock to the NFR under paragraph B8.3.2 below may bring only Eligible Livestock. B8.3.2 Qualification to Provide Riding Event Livestock. To qualify to provide riding event livestock to the NFR, a Stock Contractor must serve as the Primary Stock Contractor at three PRCA approved rodeos with a minimum accumulated total of $50,000 in added prize money, or five PRCA approved rodeos with a minimum accumulated total of $25,000 in added prize money during the corresponding Rodeo Year. If a PRCA approved barrel race is held at that PRCA approved rodeo, barrel racing prize money will be included in the accumulated total. B8.3.2.1 Primary Stock Contractor Defined. A “Primary

Stock Contractor” shall be that Stock Contractor or Probationary Stock Contractor (1) listed as the Primary Stock Contractor on the official PRCA rodeo approval form and on the Rodeo Committee contract for the furnishing of stock, and (2) which owns at least 20% of the total riding event stock (based on the number of contestants entered) supplied to that rodeo. If the final calculation result includes a fraction of .5 or less, the result will be rounded down to the next whole number. There will be no more than one Primary Stock Contractor per PRCA-approved rodeo, and a Stock Contractor is not eligible to be the Primary Stock Contractor unless the rodeo offers all of the PRCA Standard Events. If no Stock Contractor or Probationary Stock Contractor satisfies these requirements of a Primary Stock Contractor for a given rodeo there will be no Primary Stock Contractor for that rodeo. The PRCA Director of Rodeo Administration shall have the right to review the rodeo committee contract to verifiy Primary Stock Contractor status. For purpose of this section, B8.3.2.1 and B8.3.2 no stock contractor shall receive credit as the Primary Stock Contractor at any Circuit Final rodeos or National Circuit Finals Rodeo.




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