2019 PRCA Rule Book

B8. Primary Stock Contractor for Stand Alone Events. A PRCA sanctioned stand-alone event which has two or more events will qualify to count for the accumulated added prize money to provide livestock to the NFR. The contractor of record must own at least 40% of the total riding event stock (based on the number of competitions and re-rides) in each riding event at that rodeo. B8. Probationary Stock Contractors. Probationary Contractors in their first year of membership are not eligible to provide riding event livestock to the NFR, but Probationary Stock Contractors in their second or third year of membership are eligible, provided all other requirements are satisfied. B8.3.3 No Limit on Riding Event Livestock Provided. There shall be no limit to the number of riding event livestock which a particular Stock Contractor may provide to the NFR. B8.3.4 Pledge and Nomination of Riding Event Livestock. Any Stock Contractor who desires to provide livestock to the NFR will have any and/or all animals considered pledged to the NFR once the Stock Contractor has met the requirements set forth in B2. The Stock Contractor must submit to the PRCA Office, no later than September 1 of the calendar year in which the NFR will be held, nominations for specific Eligible Livestock which Stock Contractor will supply if selected. After stock pledges have been made, any Stock Contractor pledging stock who withdraws from NFR participation shall be subject to a fine not to exceed $3,000, said amount to be set by full vote of the Board of Directors, and said Stock Contractor shall not be eligible to take stock to the NFR for the following year. B8.3.5 Provision of Riding Event Livestock Not Owned by PRCA Stock Contractor. Any Noncontestant Card Member-Stock Contractor supplying riding event livestock to the NFR, any portion of which livestock is found not to be owned by the supplying Stock Contractor (per ownership definition found in R8.1), shall be fined $5,000 for each of the non-owned animal(s) at the subject NFR, plus the amount paid for transportation of each of the non-owned animal(s). Any Stock Contractor taking an animal to the NFR that said Stock Contractor does not own shall result in a two-year suspension from the NFR. B8.3.6 Provision of Riding Event Livestock Which Have Not Met the Eight Performance Rule. Any Noncontestant Card Member- Stock Contractor providing riding-event livestock to the NFR in violation of the provisions of paragraph B8.3.1 above shall be fined an amount equal to the aggregate amount of his riding-event livestock payments at the subject NFR plus the transportation payments for the animals brought to the NFR in violation of those provisions, and he shall be disqualified from bringing riding-event livestock to the following year’s NFR.



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