2019 PRCA Rule Book

B8.4 Selection of Livestock. Selection of all NFR livestock shall be made by the Event Representatives to the Competition Committee from among Eligible Livestock which are to be supplied by Eligible Stock Contractors. Each Event Representative shall be responsible for selecting stock for the event he represents. An Event Representative may select livestock which has not been nominated by a Stock Contractor pursuant to Section B8.3.4 provided (1) the livestock selected is Eligible Livestock, (2) the stock is to be supplied by an Eligible Stock Contractor, (3) the Stock Contractor has pledged and nominated livestock from his herd pursuant to Bylaw 8.3.4, and (4) the Stock Contractor agrees, in writing, within 15 days after the date of selection to supply that particular stock. If any of these four conditions are not met, livestock which has not been pledged and nominated pursuant to Section B8.3.4 may not be selected. No bareback or saddle bronc horses with a history of having to be pulled out of the chute or stalling will be selected for the NFR. Event Representatives shall select 100 head of riding event livestock in each event and have the final list of livestock in each event to the NFR General Manager of Production and the PRCAAdministration no later than October 20 of the calendar year in which the NFR will be held.




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