2019 PRCA Rule Book


B9.0 General Principles. The circuit system is a part of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association to encourage greater participation and interest in rodeos through a championship system on the regional level. To that end, the United States (“U.S.”) has been divided into 12 geographic Circuits together with one or more International Circuits, governed by separate co-sanctioning agreements, outside of the U.S. (collectively “Circuits”), all of which are detailed on the map. International Circuits may be added or subtracted from time to time. B9.1 Incorporation and Bylaws. Each U.S. Circuit shall be incorporated and shall adopt bylaws. B9.2 U. S. Circuit Board of Directors and Officers. B9.2.1 Board of Directors. A Board of Directors for each U.S. Circuit


shall be appointed by the PRCA Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting in the first quarter of each calendar year. One director shall be appointed in each U.S. Circuit from each of the following categories: Active Contestant Card Member in a timed event; Active Contestant Card Member in a riding event; Active Noncontestant Card Member-Stock Contractor; Active Noncontestant Card Member-Rodeo Committee; and Active Noncontestant Card Member-Contract Personnel. These Boards of Directors will represent the PRCA Circuit system within their respective U.S. Circuits. The Boards’ duties and responsibilities will be outlined by the PRCA Board of Directors at the time of appointment.



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