2019 PRCA Rule Book

B9.4 Circuit Finals Rodeo.

B9.4.1 Circuit Finals Rodeo. Each Circuit will have a Circuit Finals Rodeo which shall be governed by these Bylaws, the Official Rodeo Rules, the Circuit Finals Rodeo Ground Rules and for International Circuits, the separate Co-Sanctioning Agreement. Each Circuit Finals Rodeo must be individually approved by the Director of Rodeo Administration. B9.4.2 Distribution of Per-Rodeo Fee for U.S. Circuits. The $3 Circuit Fee charged each contestant per rodeo (per Official Rodeo Rules R1.3.3.2) shall be distributed as follows: (1) the first $1 will go the Circuit Finals Rodeo prize money; and (2) the remaining $2 shall be divided at 40% for U.S. Circuit Finals Rodeo prize money, 10% to U.S. Circuit Finals Rodeo Contract Personnel, 20% to U.S. Circuit Finals Rodeo Stock Contractors, and 30% to U.S. Circuit Board of Directors for circuit expenses. B9.4.3 Circuit Points and Standings. Circuit Points for all PRCA- approved rodeos held within a Circuit shall be awarded. Standings shall be tabulated for each Circuit based on Circuit Points awarded within a particular Circuit to Contestant Card Members or Permit Members who have chosen that particular Circuit as their Designated Circuit. Separate PRCA Circuit points for heading and heeling in the Team Roping event will be kept, with a year-end Circuit champion in each. B9.4.4 Circuit Points of Permit Members. Circuit Points won by Permit Members shall be counted in the Circuit Standings (provided the rodeo has been designated as an “official” rodeo by the Permit contestant in accordance with rules outlined in R1.7), and Permit Members will be eligible for Circuit Finals Rodeos, provided they meet the requisite qualifications. Circuit Points won by Permit Members will not count towards Rookie of the Year awards. Permit Members of any Intentional Circuit may not designate as “unofficial” any rodeos.




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