2019 PRCA Rule Book

B9.4.5 Circuit Finals Rodeo Contestants. Each Circuit may designate the number of contestants to be accepted (10, 12, or 15) in events held at the Circuit Finals. The number of contestants accepted will be the same for all events, except for team roping, where the number of teams shall be the same as the number of contestants for all other events. In determining the CFR Qualifiers for the team roping, Circuit Points won by a contestant as a header and as a heeler shall be combined, and each roper shall be ranked within his respective circuit based on his combined point total. To be a “CFR Qualifier” for a Circuit Finals Rodeo event, a Contestant Card Member or Permit Member must have selected the Circuit as his Designated Circuit, must satisfy the requirements of the Required Participation Rule described in Section B9.4.5.1, must finish within the top number of contestants in the Circuit Standings equal to the number of contestants accepted in that event in the Circuit Finals Rodeo, must be Financially Eligible and Competition Eligible, and must officially enter the Circuit Finals Rodeo. If there are not enough CFR Qualifiers in an event, the remaining CFR Contestant positions shall be filled according to Section B9.4.5.3.



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