2019 PRCA Rule Book

B9. Place of Residence. For purposes of the Required Participation Rule, “Place of Residence” shall mean a locality in which the contestant maintains a regular physical presence and has, at a minimum, a dwelling unit where the contestant indefinitely keeps his personal effects and to which, whenever he is absent, he intends to frequently return and remain for undetermined periods of time. In determining whether a contestant’s Place of Residence is within or without his Designated Circuit, the following factors shall be taken into account: (i) location of place of employment and/or place of college enrollment; (ii) place where state and local income taxes are paid; (iii) state and locality where motor vehicle registration is made; (iv) state and locality where voter registration is maintained; and (v) locality where residential property is owned or leased.Additional factors to be considered shall include, but are not limited to: (a) mailing address for Federal income tax purposes; (b) state and locality where driver’s license is obtained; (c) places where bank accounts are maintained; (d) places where local phone directory listings are maintained; (e) if married, place where spouse (and minor children, if any) live permanently; and (f) places where real property taxes are paid. If challenged under Section B9.4.5.2, the burden of proving Place of Residence and satisfaction of the Required Participation Rule shall be upon the contestant, and the contestant shall have the responsibility to provide documentation and other evidence satisfactory to the PRCA to support by a preponderance of the evidence the contestant’s claimed Place of Residence as of the time of dues payment and circuit designation.



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