2019 PRCA Rule Book

position on the conflicting rodeo’s priority list. D) Contestants may not compete prior to or be held beyond the completion of the go-round at the conflicting rodeo. E) Consideration will be given to keep contestants in the same run on cattle in the timed events, allowing the runs on the cattle to stay the same in back-to-back rodeos. F) Any contestant who receives his preference at the conflicting rodeo will not be allowed to change his position if his preference at the conflicting rodeo is in conflict with his position at the Circuit Finals Rodeo. This includes all preferences. G) All contestants will be moved to the first available position similar to their original position at the conflicting rodeo, if possible. The only exception will be in the case of a contestant who has a distance of over five hundred (500) miles to drive. In this case, the contestant must notify the Central Entry Office when he enters that he wants to be set up on the second available position, if possible, due to the five hundred (500) mile rule. If the contestant fails to notify at time of entry in conflicting rodeo, he will be placed in the first available position. H) No contestant may compete at the Circuit Finals Rodeo at a time other than as originally scheduled. B9.6 Circuit Rookie of the Year. Circuit Rookie of the Year shall be awarded to that eligible first-year PRCA Contestant Card Member determined to be the circuit points winner within that Circuit as of the Circuit’s year-end cutoff date. A Contestant Card Member must have selected that particular circuit as his designated circuit and must satisfy the requirements of the Required Participation Rule described in Section B9.4.5.1, but need not satisfy the other requirements for qualification for the Circuit Finals Rodeo, to be eligible for Circuit Rookie of the Year. B9.7.1 NCFR. There shall be held each year a NCFR, which shall be governed by these Bylaws, the Official Rodeo Rules, and the NCFR Ground Rules. The NCFR must be approved by the Director of Rodeo Administration. B9.7 National Circuit Finals Rodeo (“NCFR”).




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