2019 PRCA Rule Book

B9.7.5 NCFR Committee (“NCFRC”). The Board of Directors shall appoint the NCFRC, which shall be comprised of the following members: (1) the National Circuit Coordinator (who shall serve as Committee Chairman); (2) the PRCA CEO, or his appointee; (3) a Timed Events Director; (4) a Rough Stock Event Director; (5) a Stock Contractor; (6) a Contract Acts Representative; (7) two representatives of the host venue. PRCA may appoint other non-voting members to the NCFRC if the need arises. The NCFRC shall work closely with representatives of the host venue to assure the success of the NCFR. The NCFRC may appoint a General Manager of Production who shall have authority as designated by the NCFRC. In the event of such appointment, his duties shall generally include the overall supervisory responsibility with respect to operational aspects of the rodeo, including contestants, stock officials, announcers, Clowns, musicians, rodeo secretary, and all other production personnel. In particular, he shall perform preparatory functions, including attendance at planning meeting, supervision of ground crew, livestock care and other physical, operational and production aspects of the NCFR. He shall also coordinate the actual performance of the rodeo with other activities such as television broadcasts, bullfight competition, award presentations, and other related activities. The General Manager of Production shall consult with PRCA staff regarding preparation for and conduct of the NCFR, including, but not limited to, the needs and desires of participants and their families. He shall also consult with representative of the host venue to work toward an economically efficient production, within budgetary constraints and mindful of the tradition of PRCA standards. It shall be his responsibility to diligently search out alternative bids, where appropriate, for equipment and materials used in the NCFR production. B9.7.5.1 NCFR Selection. The NCFR Committee shall select all qualified Contract Personnel for the NCFR prior to October 15 of each year. This approval does not include the announcers and music director which are approved by the host venue. B9.7.5.2 NCFRSelection andQualification. Contract Personnel


who have been selected to work a Circuit Finals Rodeo are eligible to be selected for the NCFR. Any Contract Personnel who have been selected to work the NCFR and does not participate, for any reason other than a valid doctor’s release, Presidential declaration of natural disaster, or death of immediate family member will be ineligible to participate in any Circuit Finals Rodeo or the NCFR for five years.



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