2019 PRCA Rule Book

B10.1.1.2RodeoCommittees. InlightofthePRCA’slong-standing and ongoing efforts to create popular and successful PRCA-sanctioned professional rodeo competitions and promote rodeo sports in general, including but not limited to creating the National Finals Rodeo event and qualifying points system, soliciting corporate sponsors and television contracts, establishing rodeo rules and regulations, and developing youth and new contestant growth programs—and in order to protect the quality of all PRCA-sanctioned events—any rodeo committee and/or contracting party involved in producing a PRCA- sanctioned event agrees not to schedule, produce, promote or participate in a Competing Rodeo Event seventy-two hours before, during or seventy-two hours after a PRCA-sanctioned event. The PRCA shall have the right to approve specific events that are in conflict with this Bylaw should the PRCA deem any such event to be in the interests of its members and the promotion of professional rodeo sports in general. B10.1.2 Multi-Year Rodeo Approval. A Rodeo Committee may apply for PRCA approval of its rodeo for up to three years, provided that the Rodeo Committee complies with all requirements set forth in this Section B10.1.2, as well as other applicable requirements set forth in the Rule Book. B10.1.2.1Application. Multi-year approval of a rodeo must be

applied for on a separate multi-year approval application supplied by the PRCA. The Rodeo Committee shall be responsible to notify the PRCA immediately in the event of any changes to the format of a rodeo or information set forth in the original approval application. Each year, at least 150 days prior to the date of the first performance of that year’s rodeo, the Rodeo Committee should file with the PRCA a confirmation form (to be supplied by the PRCA) advising the PRCA of (I) the time of performances and slack; (II) the exact amount of added purse money; (III) the Stock Contractor of record and the primary Stock Contractor (if different) for the rodeo; (IV) the Ground Rules for the rodeo; and (V) any special considerations for the rodeo. Committee dues and approval fees shall be payable annually (the dues and fees for the first rodeo covered by the application must accompany the multi-year application). Each rodeo covered by a multi-year approval application shall be subject to the PRCA Bylaws and Official Rodeo Rules (as well as other rules and requirements) in effect at the time of the rodeo.



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