2019 PRCA Rule Book

B10.1.7 Special Permit Sections. When applying for approval, a Rodeo Committee may request approval to hold a special section of any of the standard rodeo events for permit holders during the rodeo. The committee shall establish maximum limits, if any, at the time of approval. The special section shall be in addition to the standard events. Such special sections shall be limited to permit card holders. The added purse money for the permit events shall be no less than $250 and shall be separate from, and in addition to, the purse for the standard events. A permit card holder may enter the regular rodeo in addition to the special permit section. B10.1.8 Non-PRCA Events. Any non-PRCA events to be held during a rodeo must be listed on the application for approval. If a Rodeo Committee desires to hold a “local competition” or some other form of non-sanctioned competition in a rodeo, which competition is one of the following events: bareback, saddle bronc, bull riding, team roping, steer wrestling, tie-down roping or steer roping, that rodeo must also hold a PRCA-sanctioned competition for that event during the rodeo, and the Rodeo Committee must add at least as much prize money to the PRCA-sanctioned competition as it adds to the local competition. The Rodeo Committee remains subject to the terms of the Featured Event Bylaw set forth in Section B10.3.1 with respect to prize money added to the PRCA- sanctioned competition. Failure to comply with this Bylaw shall be grounds for denial of approval of a rodeo, or shall be grounds for imposition of a fine of $1,500 per performance in which the local competition is held, which fine shall be assessed against the offending Rodeo Committee. Unless otherwise approved by the Event Representative and the Director of Rodeo Administration, this Bylaw shall not prohibit an “exhibition event,” the entire net proceeds of which will benefit one or more charities, from being held at a rodeo where a sanctioned PRCA competition is not held in that event. However, no more than five competitions per performance will be accepted. Performance-Preference modification of any part of the rodeo (as described in this Section B10.1.19) must be listed on the application for approval and approved by the Director of Rodeo Administration. B10.1.10 Exclusion of Members from Rodeo Grounds. If a Rodeo Committee intends not to afford any Members not participating in the rodeo admittance to the rodeo grounds free of charge, such exclusion must be stated on the application for approval and approved by the Director of Rodeo Administration. B10.1.11 Special Consideration for Excess Entries. Any Rodeo Committee desiring special consideration to modify entry rules to alleviate an excess number of entries must request such special consideration on the application for approval, and such special consideration must be approved by the Director of Rodeo Administration. B10.1.9 Performance-Preference. Any




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