2020 Media Guide - Circuits

NCFR records by event

All-around Record earnings: $30,160 in multiple events, Josh Peek, 2016 (won the all-around; competed in steer wrestling and tie-down roping) Most titles: 3, Josh Peek, Mountain States, 2015- 17 Most titles by circuit: Badlands, Columbia River and Mountain States, 4 each; Texas andWilderness, 3 each; First Frontier, Great Lakes, Southeastern and Turquoise, 2 each; California, Montana and Prairie, 1 each Most recent titles:

Most titles by circuit: Prairie, 6, Badlands and California 5 each; Texas, 4; Columbia River, Montana, Mountain States and Southeastern, 3 each; First Frontier and Great Lakes, 1 each Most recent titles: Badlands: 2018 (Chason Floyd) California: 2013 (Ethen Thouvenell) Columbia River: 2011 (Trevor Knowles)

First Frontier: 2007 (Greg Bennett) Great Lakes: 1992 (Dale Denton) Montana: 2016 (Josh Boka) Mountain States: 2015 (Josh Peek) Prairie: 2019 (Tyler Pearson) Southeastern: 2005 (Clay Perry) Texas: 2017 (Justin Shaffer)

Badlands: 2012 (Clay Cowan) California: 2018 (Ryle Smith) Columbia River: 2013 (Shane Erickson) First Frontier: 2009 (Clovis Crane) Great Lakes: 2008 (Kyle Whitaker) Montana: 1992 (Dan Mortensen) Mountain States: 2017 (Josh Peek) Prairie: 2002 (Kyle Whitaker) Southeastern: 2005 (Ryan Jarrett) Texas: 2006 (J.W. Harris)

Team roping Record time: 3.7 seconds, Erich Rogers/Cory Petska, Turquoise, and Spencer Mitchell/ Brady Minor, Columbia River, both in 2013, Jim Norick Arena, Oklahoma City Most titles: 4, Jake Barnes/Clay O’Brien Cooper, Turquoise, 1987, 1989, 1995-96 Most titles by circuit: Texas, 8; Columbia River, 6; Mountain States and Turquoise, 5 each; California, 4; Prairie, 3; Badlands, 2; Southeastern, 1. Most recent titles: Badlands: 2018 (Logan Olson/Matt Kasner) California: 2008 (Justin Spence/Evan Arnold) Columbia River: 2013 (Shane Erickson/Jade Corkill) Mountain States: 2014 (Ty Blasingame/J.W. Borrego) Prairie: 2017 (Jesse Stipes/Buddy Hawkins II) Southeastern: 2011 (Ross Lowry/Stephen Britnell) Saddle bronc riding Record score: 92 points, Dan Erickson, Mountain States, on Kesler Rodeo’s Skoal Painted Smile, 2001, Holt Arena, Pocatello, Idaho Most titles: 3, Dan Mortensen, Montana/ Columbia River, 1994, 1997, 2003 Most titles by circuit : Texas, 8; Southeastern and Wilderness, 5 each; Prairie and Montana, 4; Columbia River, 3 each; Badlands, Great Lakes and Mountain States, 2 each; Turquoise, 1 Most recent titles: Badlands: 2008 (Chad Ferley) Columbia River: 2003 (Dan Mortensen) Great Lakes: 2009 (Wade Sundell) Montana: 2019 (Chase Brooks) Mountain States: 2004 (Chet Johnson) Texas: 2019 (Clay Smith/Jake Long) Turquoise: 2005 (Rube Woolsey/Matt Sherwood)

Turquoise: 2001 (Felipe Aragon) Wilderness: 2007 (Cody Wright)

Bareback riding Record score: 92 points, Tilden Hooper, Texas, on Hi Lo Pro Rodeo’s Redzilla, 2019, Kissimmee, Fla. Most titles: Clint Corey, Columbia River, 1989, 1991, 1997; Deb Greenough, Montana, 1995- 96, 1999 Most titles by circuit: Columbia River, 10 (most wins by a circuit in any event); Wilderness, 6; Montana, Texas, 5; Badlands, California, Mountain States and Prairie, 2 each; Great Lakes, Turquoise and Southeastern, 1 each. Most recent titles: Badlands: 1992 (Ken Lensegrav) California: 2017 (R.C. Landingham) Columbia River: 2015 (Steven Peebles) Great Lakes: 2016 (Tim O’Connell) Montana: 1999 (Deb Greenough) Mountain States: 2006 (Chris Timberman) Prairie: 2013 (Jared Keylon, tie) Southeastern: 1987 (Todd Little, tie) Texas: 2019 (Tilden Hooper) Turquoise: 2003 (Tom McFarland) Wilderness: 2018 (Mason Clements) Steer wrestling Record time: 3.2 seconds, Ethen Thouvenell, California, 2013, Jim Norick Arena, Oklahoma City Most titles: 2, Todd Fox, Texas, 1991, 1994; Luke Branquinho, California, 2009-10



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