2020 Media Guide - Circuits

PRCA RAM Circuit System Year-end Title Records

Butch Myers, TX, AA, SW, TD, 1989 Carmine Nastri, FF, AA, TR, TD, 1985, 2002 (longest span) Josh Peek, MS, AA, SW, TD, 2009, 2014-16 (one of two consecutive triples)** Dee Pickett, WI, AA, TR, TD, 1980 and 1985 Lyle Sankey, GL, AA, BB, SB, 1991 Brad Smith, TQ, AA, TR, TD, 1980 Ryle Smith, CA, AA, SW, TD, 2017 Shain Sproul, MT, AA, TR, TD, 2000 Thigpen, Justin, AA, SW, TD, 2013 Tee Woolman, TX, AA, TR, SR, 1993, 1995 Cowboys who won year‑end titles in four circuits: Guy Allen, Prairie, Southern States, Turquoise and Texas Tom Ferguson, Oil, Prairie, Southeastern and Texas

Cowboys who won three year‑end titles in the same year: Mike Beers, CR, AA, TD, TR, 1981; AA, TR, SR, 1988, 1991 and 2002* Trevor Brazile, TX, AA, TR, SR, 2015 Leo Camarillo, CA, AA, TR, TD, 1976 Roy Cooper, PR, AA, TD, SR, 1987 Clovis Crane, FF, AA, BB, BR, 2011 Lewis Feild, WI, AA, BB, SB, 1988 Jack Hannum, WI, AA, SW, TD, 1977 and 1979

Hirdes, Blake, CA, AA, TR, TD, 2013 Paul Hughes, MS, AA, SW, SR, 1980 Zach Kilgus, FF, AA, TR, TD, 2014 Kaye Kirby, FF, AA, SB, BR, 1976

Charlie Lowry, SE, AA, SW, TD, 1976 and 1984 Terry McCutcheon, GL, AA, SW, TD, 1983‑84 (one of two consecutive triples)** Pace Merrill, GL, AA, BB, SB, 1978 Dan Mortensen, MT, AA, SB, BR, 1991

* Beers is the only cowboy to win three year‑end circuit titles in the same year more than twice ** McCutcheon and Peek are the only cowboys to have won three year‑end circuit titles two consecutive years




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