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ProRodeo World Records: Most World Titles by Event

Combination of Events: 25 Trevor Brazile Single Event: 18 Guy Allen, steer roping All-Around: 14 Trevor Brazile 7 Ty Murray 6 (tie), Tom Ferguson and Larry Mahan Consecutive All-Around: 10 Trevor Brazile, 2006-15 Bareback Riding: 5 (tie), Joe Alexander and Bruce Ford 4 (tie), Eddy Akridge, Marvin Garrett, Bobby Mote, Jim Shoulders and Kaycee Feild 6 Homer Pettigrew 5 Luke Branquinho 4 (tie), Ote Berry, Everett Bowman and Jim Bynum Consecutive Steer Wrestling: 4 Homer Pettigrew, 1942-45 Team Roping: 8 SpeedWilliams and Rich Skelton 7 Jake Barnes and Clay O’Brien Cooper 4 (tie), Allen Bach, Leo Camarillo and Jim Rodriguez Jr. Consecutive Bareback Riding: 5 Joe Alexander, 1971-75 Steer Wrestling:

Consecutive Team Roping: 8 SpeedWilliams and Rich Skelton, 1997-2004 Saddle Bronc Riding: 6 (tie), Dan Mortensen and Casey Tibbs 5 Billy Etbauer 4 (tie), Brad Gjermundson, Clint Johnson and Pete Knight Consecutive Saddle Bronc Riding: 4 Casey Tibbs, 1951-54 Tie-down Roping: 8 Dean Oliver 7 (tie), Toots Mansfield and FredWhitfield 6 Roy Cooper Consecutive Tie-down Roping: 5 tie), Dean Oliver, 1960-64; Roy Cooper, 1980- 84 Bull Riding: 8 Don Gay 7 Jim Shoulders 5 Smokey Snyder and Harry Tompkins Consecutive Bull Riding: 6 (tie) Jim Shoulders, 1954-59; Sage Kimzey, 2014-19 Steer Roping: 18 Guy Allen

7 Trevor Brazile 6 Everett Shaw

Consecutive Steer Roping: 11 Guy Allen, 1991-2001

Other World Title Records

Triple Crown Winners ThreeWorld Titles in One Year Clay Carr (AA, SB, SR), 1930 LeonardWard (AA, BB, SB), 1934 Everett Bowman (AA, SW, TD), 1935, (AA, TD, SR), 1937

Cowboys with World Championships in Four Categories Everett Bowman (AA, SW, TD, SR) Bill Linderman (AA, BB, SW, SB) Trevor Brazile (AA, TR-hdr, TD, SR)

Youngest World Champions Ryder Wright, saddle bronc rider, 2017, at age 19 Jim Rodriguez Jr., team roper, 1959, at age 18 Ann Lewis, barrel racer, 1968, posthumously, at age 10 Oldest World Champion Mary Burger, barrel racer, 2016, at age 68 Ike Rude, steer roper, 1953, at age 59

Louis Brooks (AA, BB, SB), 1944 Bill Linderman (AA, SW, SB), 1950 Casey Tibbs (AA, BB, SB), 1951

Harry Tompkins (AA, BB, BR), 1952 Jim Shoulders (AA, BB, BR), 1956-58 Roy Cooper (AA, TD, SR), 1983 Trevor Brazile (AA, TD, SR), 2007; (AA, TR, TD), 2010




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