2020 PRCA Annual Report


The PRCA Livestock Program is committed to the proper care and treatment of animal athletes used in PRORODEO. Interaction with livestock, enjoyed by fans, contestants and livestock owners, helps preserve the history of professional rodeo and combat the claims and accusations of critic groups.


2020 efforts included: • The PRCA Livestock Welfare Committee continued to discuss issues relevant to livestock in rodeo and make recommendations for improvement. • Hosted the 10th annual political fundraiser at the 2020 Wrangler NFR. Over 30 individuals attended, including four U.S. Senators and three U.S. representatives. • Encouraged rodeo committees and stock contractors to promote positive media stories highlighting livestock athletes of the sport. • Continued with rodeo livestock reporting and inquiry program to improve the safety percentages of all rodeo livestock.

PRCA PRORODEO photo by Phil Doyle

PROGRAM PRIORITIES • Outreach and communications

• Government relations • Education and research

LIVESTOCK HEALTH 2020 efforts to protect PRORODEO livestock health: • Ongoing monitoring of livestock disease outbreaks nationwide and providing information to membership that may affect professional rodeo activities. • Cooperating with and aiding in funding the Equine Disease Communication Center. The EDCC works to protect the horse and horse industry by reporting real-time information about disease outbreaks in the equine industry. • The PRCA is a member of the American Horse Council, Animal Welfare Council and Western Fairs Association.


Safety percentage the PRCA has maintained for all animals in ProRodeo. The PRCA livestock program also improved the detail of rodeo reporting for increased analysis in 2020.


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