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Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association 2023 Annual report

Our mission is to grow the sport of PRORODEO,

to positively impact our communities and provide an exceptional experience for our members, fans, and sponsors.




We honor ProRodeo’s rich history and strong values, and we are honest and respectful in all our endeavors.

Our efforts constantly evolve to address relevant and emerging issues for the benefit of our stakeholders.

We value trust, collaboration, and enthusiasm to create a positive environment for our team to efficiently serve our membership. We are committed to accountability, productivity, and accuracy to positively impact our members and stakeholders.

Contents CEO’s Message

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Chairman’s Statement PRCA Board of Directors

Rodeo Administration Milestones

Record-Setting Payouts

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Financial Status

ProRodeo Hall of Fame 16 Engaging and Expanding Sponsors 18 Merchandise and Licensing 22 Television and Livestream 24 Social Media Engagement 25 Media Getting the Message Out 26 PRCA Youth Initiative 28 Information Technology 30 Livestock Program 32 ProRodeo Demographics 34


PRCA Photo by Hailey Rae of Tim O'Connell on Mayhem

Our sport is thriving. The PRCA is in a great place.

annual report PrCa 2023


“By all accounts 2023 was arguably one of the best years in the history of the PRCA. Membership was up, entries were up, sponsorship was up, attendance was up and and we enjoyed a record payout.”

reached 6,600 in 2023 - the most we’ve had in over a decade. We project the trajectory will continue. The number of rodeo events also con tinued to grow, but at a slower pace. This was by design to have enough members and entries to fill our events. In 2023, there were 790 PRCA-sanctioned events, an increase of 19 from 2022. The increase in payouts was the most impressive with over $4 million in new added money. Historically, the total payout hovered around $50 million after the NFR. We first saw substantial growth in 2022 with a total payout of $65 million. In 2023, the total payout increased even more to reach a histor ic $74,502,688 for the season. Television continued to boom for the PRCA. The number of televised events grew substantially largely due to viewership. There was an appetite and demand for rodeo on TV which resulted in 916 televised performances in 2023. The newly created Cowgirl Channel also led to more viewers. Our partnership with Rural Media Group/ The Cowboy Channel continued to be a success.

Much of our revenue was from our sponsor and media partners. We value our sponsors and their alignment with our mission and western way of life and appreciate their longevity and the legacies they’ve created. In fact, our partnership with Wrangler made the cover of the July 24, 2023 issue of the Sports Business Journal. The maga zine stated, “. . . the PRCA-Wrangler partnership is the longest tenured in Sports Business Journal’s ranking of league sponsor relationships.” In 2023, the PRCA reached over $47 million in revenue, much of which was returned to our members. Any remain ing funds paid for capital improve ments at our headquarters in Colorado Springs to include the migration of our IT systems to a modern platform. In summary, our great sport of rodeo, our western culture, and our Associ ation thrived in 2023, and I thank you for being a part of it.

Tom Glause Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Chief Executive Officer

It was a phenomenal year for the PRCA with increased numbers in mem bership, prize money, viewership, and sponsorships. We made marked improvements in all categories. Like every sporting association during the 2020 COVID pandemic, we lost members. Fortunately, members continued to return, and membership

Tom Glause Chief Executive Officer

Our vision is to be the undisputed leader in the Western Sports industry, featuring the best cowboys competing at the best rodeos and delivering the best entertainment for fans, while embracing the traditions of the West.


ON THE COVER: PRCA Photo by Clay Guardipee of Jayco Roper on Pickett Pro Rodeo's Renovo Night Gazer

annual report PrCa 2023

PRCA IS THE LARGEST, MOST PRESTIGIOUS western sports organization in the world.

chairman’s STATEMENT


“Looking back at 2023, it was a great year for the PRCA. The prize money was better than ever as the PRCA set sea son earnings records in bareback riding, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping and bull riding. We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our PRORODEO athletes. We have more than 6,600 members in the PRCA, and we want to continue that growth and foster the development of upcoming cowboys through the permit ranks to help ensure even higher levels of suc cess in the future.”

Jacobs Crawley Chairman of the PRCA Board of Directors

Serving as Chairman since January 2019



Membership, sponsorship, attendance & payouts are up


PRCA Photo by Clay Guardipee of Stetson Wright

annual report PrCa 2023

The Board of Directors establishes goals and bylaws that direct the upward movement of the PRCA and indirectly the entire sport of rodeo.

Jacobs Crawley Board Chairman

Josh Edwards Board Vice Chairman

Chet Johnson Contestant Director

Troy Pruitt Contestant Director

Matt Reeves Contestant Director

Larry McConnell Rodeo Committee Director

Cory Wall Rodeo Committee Director

Keith Marrington Stock Contractor Director

Stace Smith Stock Contractor Director


PRCA Leadership continues to guide us into the future while preserving our most honored traditions.

PRCA Board of Directors

PRCA Leadership Team Tom Glause Chief Executive Officer Steve Knowles Director of Rodeo Administration Paul Woody Chief Marketing Officer Pam McManus Chief Financial Officer Jeff Love Chief Technology Officer Kent Sturman Director of ProRodeo Hall of Fame

PRCA Photo by Hailey Rae



prca Membership Increased by 9.4%

rodeo Administration MILESTONES





“There has never been as many contestant opportunities in the PRCA as there are now. Increased events, entries, permits and total payout over the past years has led to the highest membership growth we’ve seen in 15 years.” ~Steve Knowles Opening doors for new athletes with permit scholarships: $46,000




Increased Permits by 9.5%



Steve Knowles Director of Rodeo Administration



Approved Events Increased by 2.5%




MEMBERSHIP in the prca has witnessed growth in every single aspect.


Rodeo Administration Looking to the Future

THE PRCA’S RODEO ADMINISTRATION encourages open communication with members.

PRCA Photo by Natalie McFarland























As a membership organization, we are constantly working on recruiting & retention.


annual report PrCa 2023

prca’s 2023 payouts

$74.5 million in Payouts in 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada $11.5 MILLION

The 2023 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Teton Ridge, known as the richest and most prestigious rodeo in the world, saw an increase in payout for the third consecutive year.

Colorado Springs, Colorado $1 million

The NFR Open Powered by RAM, is one of the biggest rodeos of the ProRodeo season with $1 million in payouts to PRCA members.

Puyallup, Washington $648,000

Contestants competed for their share of the $648,000 purse with hopes of qualifying for the Governor’s Cup in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota $1.1 million

The inaugural Cinch Playoffs Governor’s Cup brought promises of season-altering paydays at the richest rodeo in the state of South Dakota’s history.











PRCA Photo by Natalie McFarland

2023 was a record-setting year of payouts for the PrCA.

Annually, the PRCA sanctions more than 700 top-of-the-line, multiple-event rodeos in 37 states and 3 Canadian provinces.

Mulvane, Kansas $500,000

The Top 15 steer ropers in the PRCA at the end of the regular season have their own National Finals Steer Roping separate from the National Finals Rodeo.

20 23

Pendleton, Oregon $120,000

Pendleton Xtreme Bulls Finale is the final event of the Xtreme Bulls Tour, making it a key step on the road to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.

Rapid City, South Dakota $106,000

The Xtreme Broncs Tour is a series of events that features only saddle bronc riding competitions. The Rapid City event was first approved by the PRCA in 2016.

Waco, Texas $108,000

Hosted by the Heart O’ Texas Committee, the Top 10 permit holders in their respective events compete in nine standard PRCA events as well as breakaway roping and barrel racing.


Fort Worth, Texas $102,000

The event brings the Top 15 rookie contenders in to compete for the title of Resistol Rookie Roundup Champion while being mentored by elite contestants in media training.

Las Vegas, Nevada $250,000

The Wrangler National Finals Breakaway Roping is held at the South Point Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada , in conjunction with the NFR. The event crowns a Breakaway Roping World Champion.


12 PRCA Photo by Jason Suntych of Kade Sonnier

“Cheyenne has had record crowds the last three years! Sponsorship demand for rodeo is at an all-time high. We are on a trend I have never experienced before!”

Tom Hirsig, General Manager Cheyenne Frontier Days


PRCA Financial Status Reveals Stability and Prosperity

Our numbers continue to increase and PRCA revenues are part of this trend which will continue in 2024 PRCA FINANCIAL STATUS 2023

Total 2023 Revenue $47 Million

Revenue Results of financial status period ending December 31, 2023.







Approvals, Admin Fees, and Fines

Sponsorship and Television

Rentals, Insurance, Contributions & Miscellaneous

NFR, Convention, and Events


Membership Dues & Royalty Revenue


to ensure a high quality consistent judging program Invested over $2.96M

PRCA Photo by Natalie McFarland

“Our Western way of life continues with the growth of PRCA membership, fans, and supporters of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Fortune smiles on the prepared and we continue to prepare for the future by supporting our PRCA family.” ~ Pam McManus

Pam McManus Chief Financial Officer


annual report PrCa 2023

THE PRORODEO HALL OF FAME AND MUSEUM OF THE American Cowboy educates the public about rodeo, its history and impact on Western American culture.

providing recognition to the past & present while Inspring the future of Rodeo at the Hall of Fame

Kent Sturman Director of ProRodeo Hall of Fame & Museum of the American Cowboy

2023 ProRodeo Hall of Fame HIGHLIGHTS • Increases in All Museum Revenue Sources • New Event Revenue Netted $45,000 + • Recognition from Industry Partners • Increased Community Involvement & Outreach • “Museum Takeover”with Rockpile Museum in Gillette, Wyoming during the 75th National High School Finals Rodeo • New Spring Sports Fundraiser - $44,000 • Little Champions Educational Program Stu dent Participation Up 69% • Event Venue Rental Revenue Up 15.5% (Hall of Fame’s largest growth since 2014)

“Building on the growth and success of the past two years following the pandem ic shut down and decline, we look for ward to a great 2024, our 45th year. This past year was one of the most successful in our history. We plan to carry that positive wave throughout 2024 and into a 45th Anniversary celebration in August that appropriately honors the excellence showcased in the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. We want to thank all our stakeholders that have helped make the past 45 years possible and successful. It is our honor to preserve the history of the PRCA and to help tell the stories of the champions and legends that have made our sport what it is today.” ~Kent Sturman

Significant Social Media growth

Social Media Page Visits Up Over 250% Social Media Reach Up Over 550%



Triple Digit Percentage Increase in Social Media Engagement


Raymond Kinter’s passion was supporting institutions who keep the history of the Old West alive. Received Largest Individual Donation in Hall of Fame history from the Kinter estate: $392,257 1

Access to 55,000+ Fans 8

Rocky Mountain Vibes rodeo themed Baseball Events with

With the Vibes we hosted Rodeo in the Rockies nights with rodeo-themed events, activities and baseball.



TOTAL Fundraising for 2023 INDUCTION EVENTS


A total of eleven were inducted in 2023.

PRCA Photo by Fernando Sam Sin

2023 ProRodeo Hall of Fame INDUCTION EVENTS



Sponsorships and Donations




Golf Tournament


Cowboy Ball Attendance (Sold Out)


Ceremony Attendance


Events hosted 11

Events range from the Pikes Peak Special Rodeo to the Western Heritage Spirit of Colorado Springs. Community Cultural Events spending time with neighbors and making new connections 12

Little Champions Youth Program hands-on activitiY

Children along with adults explored the World of Rodeo in hour-long sessions.


annual report PRCA 2023

CONTINUING TO EXPAND AND VALUE our longstanding legacy partners

engaging & expanding Our Family of Sponsors

“The five-year growth in partnerships is a reflection of the power of the Western lifestyle. Opportunities to reach an attractive fan base is growing and our contestants and committees will continue to benefit.” ~ Paul Woody our department Strives to Grow Revenue in Support of the prca’s Membership

through transparent communications and impact reports that showcase their contributions to ProRodeo. With the development of customized pack ages, our team aligns with the specific needs and objectives of Sponsors creating mutually beneficial part nerships. PRCA partners contribute greatly to the future of ProRodeo, the growth of our fan base, and the reali zation of World Champion Cowboys. As the PRCA continues building and

maintaining strong sponsor relation ships, we most value commitment to the cause of ProRodeo and the advancement of our sport. Sponsorships of circuits: $1,489,000 million

Paul Woody Chief Marketing Officer

Expanding and engaging our fami ly of sponsors is a crucial aspect of fostering long-term relationships and ensuring sustained support for the PRCA. The PRCA Properties Team strives to understand our partners’ values, goals and expectations


As the world becomes more connected, the PRCA is actively working to maximize sponsor impact to break down barriers and effectively reach new markets and fans.

Properties & Media strive to grow revenue in support of our membership.

Licensing Revenue is Up 50% Since 2019

Properties continuing to develop non-endemic brands

the PRCA Athlete Licensing Initiative Continues to Grow and take Shape.

5 PRCA sponsors have been our partners over 43 years.


“The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and Choctaw Casinos and Resorts con tinues to value our part nership with PRCA and its members. Our decision to leverage ambassadors from PRCA membership, including the NFR bull fighters, is a great way to demonstrate our shared commitment to faith, family, and culture.”

Erica Kosemund Senior Director of Gaming Brand & Partnerships for Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma


21 PRCA Photo by Clay Guardipee of Cody Webster, Professional Bullfighter

annual report PrCa 2023

PRCA LICENSED BRAND MERCHANDISE continues to expand into Athlete Merchandise and Collectibles.

Sponsors, Licensing & Media up 10% in 2023

Our PRCA Licensing Revenue continues to grow significantly and is up 50% since 2019, surpassing $2 million in the 2023 fiscal year Merchandise and Licensing

Expanding PRCA’s Brand & opportunities to connect with fans

PRCA continues to explore cross promotional and branding opportunities to bring Rodeo to new fans across many different platforms.

PRCA Photo by Fernando Sam Sin of Rocker Steiner at NASCAR


The PRCA & licensee Rodeo Quincy’s combi nation of cowboy values continue to grow. Rodeo Quincy

A3 Merch remains the PRCA’s Legacy NFR Merchandise Licensee.


Legends Legends, a premium Global Sports Company specializing in sports organizations, is our newest retail partner.

2023 Saddle Bronc Riding World Champion Zeke Thurston T-Shirt

2023 Bull Riding World Champion Ky Hamilton T-Shirt


Athlete Licensing Continues to Grow with 2023 NFR Contestant Back Number T-Shirts.




PRCA ON television and lIVESTREAM

Over 900 Performances were broadcast on TV and Livestream in 2023

265 Different Rodeos Featured on The Cowboy Channel and RFD-TV

PRCA Rodeo Performances on TV & Livestream

766 749

increase in viewership and Ellensburg (Wash.) Rodeo had a 45% increase in viewership.

The final Nielsen Research revealed that The Cowboy Channel’s “100 Rodeos in 100 Days” for 2023 reached record-breaking viewership numbers, delivering nearly 11 million impressions for persons 18 and older between the dates of June 15, 2023 - Sept. 22, 2023, which is a 64% increase from 2022. Top PRCA rodeos saw a substantial increase in viewership from 2022 to 2023 including Dodge City (Kan.) Round-Up which saw a 159% increase in viewership and the NFR Open at the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo saw a 109% increase in viewership. The Horse Heaven Round-Up in Kennewick, Washington saw a 104% increase in viewership and the Pendleton (Ore.) Round-Up saw a 90% increase in viewership while the Reno (Nev.) Rodeo had a 52% increase in viewership. Calgary Stampede enjoyed a 46% increase in viewership. Cody (Wyo.) Stampede saw a 54%

“The record-breaking numbers we are seeing both on The Cowboy Channel and within these rural communities is a testament to the power of rural America, when we all work together. Not only did The Cowboy Channel see such a strong increase in viewership, but all these rodeo communities across the country are also setting their own local records, with record attendances and many selling out every rodeo performance, which is something many of these rodeos have never experienced before. People are seeing these rodeos for the first time ever on The Cow boy Channel and making plans the next year to attend in person.”





64% increase in viewership from 2022

~ Patrick Gottsch Founder of The Cowboy Channel

11 Million


2023 saw an increase in viewers with nearly 11 million impressions of Top PRCA Competition TV Delivered to Rodeo fans in Primetime



65 million ProRodeo.com Page Views



Followers are critical to the success of social media accounts since they indicate its popularity and influence within the platform. Followers 2,306,313

Impressions are the number of times content is displayed, no matter if it was clicked or not. Impressions

Engagement is a measure of all interac tions with content and includes: Likes, Comments, and Shares. Engagements 12,138,630



Video Views

9.6 Million YouTube Views 138,800 hrs

A view is calculated when users watch three seconds of a clip, or 97 % of its total length.


We are growing Followers & YouTube Viewers.

X, formerly known as Twitter

Social Media builds the PRCA brand and drives fan awareness.


fans are engaged with the prca, our rodeos and competitors through social media.


Modern publishing choices offer more to our prca members and rodeo fans

annual report PRCA 2023

MEDIA CONTINUES TO GENERATE REVENUE and reduce cost for the PRCA, as well as directly assist members and committees.

prca Media getting the message out

PRCA Photo by Clay Guardipee of Shad Mayfield


PRORODEO Sports News is available in print and as a digital magazine

Hosted by veteran sports reporter and Manager of Communications and Media Tracy Renck and ProRodeo Sports News Editor Tanner Barth, the podcast features interviews with rodeo notables and champions, as well as those who have ties to the western lifestyle. The Chute Bosses: official podcast of ProRodeo The PSN published 12 editions in print and distributed 11,998 issues per month in 2023. Via digital platforms 24 PSN digital editions and Business Journals were made available online at ProRodeo.com bimonthly. The PSN continues to focus on giving contestants and fans the most updated information, results and timely stories ProRodeo Sports News

The 2023 PRCA MEDIA GUIDE was made available exclusively online at ProRodeo. com to save cost on printing the publication. SOUVENIR PRORODEO PROGRAMS were designed for rodeo committees with the option to customize their programs to retain sponsors, grow their fan base and maximize profits. In 2023, the design, content and art of the PRCA COMMITTEE GUIDE was updated to enhance the relevance and value of the publication. Committees use the Guide for planning and to bring new members up to speed. To reduce printing cost, a limited number of CONTRACT PERSONNEL DIRECTORIES were printed for the PRCA National Convention and the directory was made available online at ProRodeo.org. The di rectory connects rodeo committees and stock contractors with the contract per sonnel they need for their rodeos. Media also produced the 2023 NATIONAL FINALS STEER ROPING PROGRAM, and all editorial content for the 2023 WRANGLER NATIONAL FINALS RODEO PROGRAM.

Wright Stuff Stetson Wright wins bulls, all-around titles in Cheyenne

Media is responsible for sharing the PRCA’s message – through weekly press releases, social media, daily editorial content on ProRodeo.com, PRORODEO SPORTS NEWS and other publications that serve members, fans, committees and mainstream media. Annual Publications: Media continued to reduce costs and generate revenue for the PRCA, as well as directly assist mem bers and committees. 1

PRCA Photo by Lisa Cush of Tanner Barth and Tracy Renck Recording inside The Chute Bosses Studio

1. 3,667 YouTube playlist views 2. 33,300 people listened to The Chute Bosses 3. 1,900 total hours spent watching and listening


PRCA YOUTH INITIATIVE: Reaching out and building our future

THE PRCA YOUTH INITIATIVE MISSION is to provide a fun and positive rodeo experience while growing the sport for future generations.

17 The PRCA hosted Youth Camps throughout the United States and Canada in 2023. PRCA HAS 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF YOUTH CAMPS RODEO CAMP 101: an introduction to rodeo for aspiring cowboys & cowgirls RODEO SKILLS: teaches developmental growth for current rodeo athletes bridging the gap between beginner & professional PRCA Photos by James Phifer of Ft Worth Youth Camp

Camps offer introductions to ALL Events emphasizing safety and fundamentals for cowboys and cowgirls ages 5-18.

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association provides young campers top of the line train ing equipment.

Elite professional PRCA athletes serve as instructors, giving back to the community and working hands on with young athletes.


The PRCA Youth Initiative Energizes Future Athletes.

Investing in our future with over $392K in Youth Camps

annual report PrCa 2023

7,500 Participants in PROGRAMS in 2023


$1,000 Scholarships Issued to Athletes

32 Youth Events – 17 Camps and 15 Schools

“The PRCA is investing in the future of rodeo by giving back to communities through our Youth Camp Initiative. We believe that hands on professional instructors along with representation can create a spark and build the next rodeo athletes of the future.” ~ Miriaham Contreras , Member Retention, Growth and Youth Outreach


2023 40

Scholarships Issued to Young Athletes in

Scholarship Recipients Qualified for Circuit Finals

PRCA Photo by Hailey Rae of Fallon Youth Camp

BUILDING THE FUTURE ONE SCHOLARSHIP AT A TIME. after receiving a scholarship, Jayco Roper qualified for the 2023 NFR.



• Enhancing Security • System Modernization • Design of New Secretary System

The Information Technology Department’s objective is a secure Central Data Repository.


PRCA Photo of Mario Ortivez, Systems Infrastructure and Network Manager

Website Improvement goals: meet security, performance and scalability requirements

annual report PRCA 2023

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY “We’re committed to enhancing our technology to ensure better security, reliability, and exciting new features for our valued members and fans.” ~ Jeff Love

Jeff Love Chief Technology Officer


After the NoEscape ransomware attack shut down our PRCA system on Thurs day, July 20, 2023, information security became the top focus of the Information Technology Department. Average recovery turnaround time after a ransomware attack is 22 days. The North America Executive Summary 2023 Ransomware Trends Report notes that 19% of organizations that paid a ransom still couldn’t recover their data, and that trend points to more than half of all organizations facing subsequent attacks in the future.

On Monday, July 24, 2023, four days after the attack, our PROCOM Department took rodeo entries by phone. Five days after the attack, on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, the PRCA made pay outs to rodeos. Remarkably, our IT Team built back a bet ter system with extra security measures in only 12 days. By August 1, 2023, 95% of our data was recovered and recaptured.

PRCA Photo by Natalie McFarland

used confidentiality AND integrity to guide prca information security.

SECRETARY SYSTEM Updated & Tested with Support Team and Advisory Committee.

Identified & worked to elim inate threats with MONTHLY staff Cybersecurity Training.

Maintained & monitored Com puter system issues to keep the PRCA running smoothly.


The PRCA livestock program continues to collect specific study data regarding livestock welfare.

exceptional care for animal athletes

The PRCA Livestock Program is committed to the proper care and treatment of animal athletes used in ProRodeo.

• Hosted the 14th annual political fundraiser at the 2023 Wrangler NFR. Over 90 individuals attended, including United States Senators and Representatives. • Continued with the coalition of more than 40 organizations in op position to Los Angeles City Council rodeo ban and introduced alter nate language to the Council’s ordinance. LIVESTOCK WELFARE efforts IN 2023 included: • Continued with rodeo livestock reporting and inquiry program to improve the safety percentages of all rodeo livestock.

PRCA Photo by Natalie McFarland

“The PRCA upholds the standard of humane care of rodeo animal athletes, and in my professional opinion rodeo remains a healthy, humane, family oriented sport.” ~ Dr. Jennifer Schleining, equine veterinarian

Consistent proper treatment of animals by PRCA members - in and out of the arena - has been well documented by vet erinarians who have witnessed the health and condition of the animals first hand.


Interaction with livestock, enjoyed by fans, contestants and livestock owners, helps preserve the history of professional rodeo and combat the claims and accusations of critic groups.

The greatest care is taken to prevent injury to animals and contestants at PRCA Rodeos. Our members are bound by bylaws and rules, which include a section that deals exclusively with the humane treatment of ani mals. The Association’s rules and regulations include more than 60 rules dealing with the care and treatment of animals. Anyone who violates these rules may be disqualified and reported to the PRCA, which will levy fines. Safety percentage the PRCA maintained for all animals in ProRodeo in 2023 99.9%

The top three PRCA Livestock Welfare Program priorities are:








• Ongoing monitoring of livestock disease outbreaks nationwide and pro viding information to membership that may affect professional rodeo activities. • Cooperating with and aiding in fund ing the Equine Disease Communication Center. The EDCC works to protect the horse and horse industry by reporting real-time information about disease outbreaks in the equine industry. • PRCA is a member of the American Horse Council, Animal Welfare Council, Animal Agriculture Alliance, and the Colorado Horse Development Authority.

PRCA Photo by Natalie McFarland


the most elite rodeos on the continent in 37 states & 3 Canadian provinces

annual report PRCA 2023

PRORODEO DEMOGRAPHIC FACTS FOR the PRCA which sanctions the cream of the crop rodeos in North America.

2023 prorodeo Demographics The membership-driven PRCA, works to ensure every event it sanctions is managed with fairness and competence

PRCA Photo by Natalie McFarland of Chris Horton, Director of Rodeo Approvals

790 Total Events 1,900+ Performances 13.6 million C&D County Residents 1 2 3

PRORODEO fans are significantly invested in their communities with 25M fans living in their current homes longer than five years.



Women 49%

Men 51%


8% 18-24

40+ Million ProRodeo Fans

46% 25-54

46% 55+


55% are Married

17.9m Families with 3 or more

77% more likely to work in Fishing, Farming or Forestry

119k current or prior Military Service

98% more likely to go hunting or fishing

PRCA Photo by Hailey Rae

Rodeo attracts fans young and old.

3.6m households own an ATV

1. 10% make business purchasing decisions 2. 25% have camped in the last 12 months 3. 15m+ make more than $75k/year

91% more likely to purchase a new pickup truck in the next 12 months



While embracing the spirit of the West, the PRCA positively impacts the future of our communities.

Tom Glause - PRCA CEO

PRCA is part of a longstanding western culture rooted in the history, folklore and culture of the United States which continues improving western sports with athlete development and longevity through new programs and initiatives. With the best cowboys at the best rodeos, PRCA will continue to deliver the best fan experience.

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

101 Pro Rodeo Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Telephone: 719 -593 -8840 Fax: 719 -548 -4876


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