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Add R10.6.7 Falling Calf In the Tie-down Roping, if in the opinion of the line judge, if the animal falls before it crosses the scoreline, the contestant shall be entitled to a rerun on his original stock, provided that the contestant declares immediately. There will be no penalty added to the rerun if, in the opinion of the judge, the contestant did not deliberately beat the barrier and if the contestant declares himself immediately. If the originally drawn animal cannot be re-ran, the contestant will run the extra (where an extra is available) or have a calf drawn for him according to the misdraw procedure (S.Hanchey 11/2021) 2022 Bylaw Proposals Change B2. Transfer of Stock Contracting Firm. Only a Full Stock Contractor’s PRCA membership card may be transferred to a new firm (individual, partnership, corporation, or other legal entity), and only in connection with the sale of all or substantially all of the transferring firm’s livestock, equipment, rodeo contracts and other business assets to the transferee firm, with the transferee firm continuing the stock contracting business as a going concern. Such sale must include a minimum of 25 bareback horses, 25 saddle bronc horses and 25 bulls. In the case of qualifying sale transaction, the transferee Stock Contractor will be required to satisfy the requirements for Probationary Stock Contractors and the prospective new owner must be inspected by the PRCA and pay a non-refundable inspection fee of $2,500 to the PRCA prior to inspection to cover the PRCA’s anticipated costs in connection with that inspection, in order to have the transferred card reissued to the transferee’s designated operating officer. In addition, as a condition to the transfer and re-issue of the Stock Contractor card in question, the PRCA shall require (i) that all debts owed by the transferor to the PRCA are paid in full, and (ii) proof of bill of sale for all riding event livestock involved in the sale transaction and may require review of all terms and provisions of the contract documents concerning the transferor’s sale of all or substantially all of its business assets as a going concern to the transferee as well as all other contractual relationships created or affected in connection with the transfer of the subject Stock Contractor card. A transferee pursuant to this Section B2. shall be subject to inspection during the first year of ownership, and thereafter as a Full Stock Contractor. (PRCA Staff 4/20) BOD Accepted as amended 08/21 Change B8.3.2 Qualification to Provide Riding Event Livestock. To qualify to provide riding event livestock to the NFR, a Stock Contractor must serve as the Primary Stock Contractor at three PRCA approved rodeos with a minimum accumulated total of $50,000 in added prize money, or five PRCA approved rodeos with a minimum accumulated total of $25,000 in added prize money during the corresponding Rodeo Year. If a PRCA approved an approved barrel race or breakaway roping is held at that PRCA approved rodeo, barrel racing and breakaway roping prize money will be included in the accumulated total. (PRCA Staff 3/20) BOD Accepted as amended 08/21 Change B9.4.3 Circuit Points and Standings. Circuit Points for all PRCA approved rodeos held within a Circuit shall be awarded , excluding any rodeo adding greater than $ 1025,000 per event . Standings shall be tabulated for each Circuit based on Circuit Points awarded within a particular Circuit to Contestant Card Members or Permit Members who have chosen that particular Circuit as their Designated Circuit. Separate PRCA Circuit points for heading and heeling in the Team Roping event will be kept, with a year-end Circuit champion in each. (M. Reeves 5/19) BOD Rejected 08/21 Change B10.1.15 Events. A rodeo must include at least five of the following events: bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, bull riding, tie-down roping, steer wrestling and or team roping to be approved. If a rodeo committee chooses to include only five of the six events above, committee added money from the sixth event must be evenly distributed among the remaining five events or applied evenly toward another event sanctioned or recognized by the PRCA. (G. Williams 1/20) BOD Rejected 08/21 Change B10.3 Purse Money. Change B10.3.1 Featured Events. For any new featured event, no PRCA required event shall have more or less money added to that event’s purse than is added to the purse of any other PRCA event at a PRCA approved rodeo unless otherwise approved by the PRCA Board of Directors or the Director of Rodeo Administration. However, a Rodeo Committee shall have the option of adding money to the purse for up to three events selected by the Rodeo Committee to be its featured event or events in an amount that is up to double the base money added by the Rodeo Committee to the purses of the other PRCA events approved for the rodeo (such base added money in the other events shall not, for purposes of determining the double money, include those events whose purse is compensated for limited entries). The rodeo committee must provide equal money in the team roping to use this option. Any additional moneys which may be added in a featured event or events at the Rodeo Committee’s election shall not be considered by the Director of Rodeo Administration in the determination of the amount of “fair and just” money to be added by the Rodeo Committee to the purses of the other PRCA events. Moreover, any Rodeo Committee electing to increase the added purse money in a given event or events may not, without the approval of the PRCA Board of Directors, reduce the base added money for the other PRCA events held at its rodeo from that which was added by the Rodeo Committee to those events in the previous year. If a committee previously featured events and did not add equal money in the Team Roping



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