PRCA Business Journal - Feb. 18, 2022

Delete R5.9.5 Payoff. Day-money checks shall be written at the end of each performance if the performance competition has been completed . (PRCA Staff 5/20) Change R10.3.21 Failure of Animal to Pull Neck Rope . In the timed events, if an animal fails to break the neck rope and time is officially started by the contestant, that animal belongs to the contestant. A contestant cannot rope an animal before the neck rope comes off. However, if time is started by the animal and contestant (tie down roper, steer roper, steer wrestler and hazer, or header and heeler) remains behind the plane of the barrier for approximately 10 seconds, that animal should be considered a sulking animal and replaced using the Misdraw procedure . an animal starts the time and then stops before the neck rope comes off and the contestant declares immediately, he will be entitled to a rerun, as long as in the opinion of the judges, the stop was not caused by the hazer or the heeler. (M. Sherwood 11/2021) New R2.12.3.8 Trade Restrictions A contestant will not be allowed to enter another contestant or team for the sole purpose of obtaining a position in a rodeo to be used later as a first go-round trade or to affect the placement of a rodeo by PROCOM. Any contestant in violation of this offense or any contestant who willingly permits his card number to be used for this purpose, may be subject to a $10,000 fine and a possible 30-day suspension. (M. Sherwood 9/2021) New R2.12.3.9 Limit on Trades A contestant can only initiate or confirm a first go-round trade with the same person one time per rodeo year. (M Sherwood 9/2021) 2023 Bylaw Proposals Change B2.5.11.3 Application. Applicants for Non-contestant Card Member- Music Director/provider status must submit a completed PRCA application to the PRCA. At least two letters of recommendation from each category specified below must accompany the application: B 2.5 Non-contestant Card Members. New B2.5.15 PRCA Technology Provider. A PRCA Technology Provider shall be defined as the individual that provides videography/video services, scoreboards, radio, streaming or television services at any PRCA rodeo performance. Each PRCA Technology Provider shall obtain his or her own membership status OR may obtain a company card to cover company contractors or employees. All laborers (e.g. cameramen, video board operators) must be covered under the company card or separately as an active insured member. (Contract Personnel Executive Council 9/20) New B2.5.15.1 Dues and Fees. Annual dues, fees, and insurance premiums shall be the same as for Contestant Card Members. PRCA Technology Provider Companies will pay the equivalent of one membership for annual dues and fees and the equivalent of five insurance premiums. (Contract Personnel Executive Council 9/20) Group 1 – PRCAAnnouncer with at least 10 years of PRCA membership Group 2 – PRCA Clown/Barrelman with at least 10 years of PRCA membership (Contract Personnel Executive Council 6/20)


New B2.5.15.2 Insurance Fee. Technology Provider shall be subject to the insurance fee as set forth in Section B2.5.1.3. (Contract Personnel Executive Council 9/20)

New B2.5.15.3 Application. Applicants for Non-contestant Card Member-Technology Provider endorsement must submit a completed PRCA application to the PRCA. (Contract Personnel Executive Council 9/20) New B2.5.15.4 Multi-Tasking. Once a performance or slack has commenced, Technology Providers may not perform any other duty except that single role (e.g. Music Director and Video Board Operator.) Failure to do so will result in a $500 fine per occurrence. (Contract Personnel Executive Council 9/20)


ProRodeo Sports News 2/18/2022

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