PRCA Business Journal - March 17, 2023

with rodeo committees. I will respond quickly to your questions and issues. In fact, I look forward to getting to know you and working with you. Your time is valuable, so the time you take to vote is truly appreciated. I hope I can count on your vote. You will truly be helping all committees and our industry. CONTRACT PERSONNEL AT LARGE Incumbent: Mike Mathis Mike Mathis 2023 will mark the forty-first year I call ProRodeo my profession. Pride is an emotion that never fades in this business and throughout my time as a proud PRCA cardholder I have been a part of some tremendous milestones in the industry. In addition to being coordinator of my hometown rodeo in Lufkin, it has been my honor to serve our great sport on the Executive Council for the past eight years, representing Contract Personnel as well the ultimate nod five years ago to join the administration of the PRCA, serving as the Vice Chairman on the Board of Directors. As a long-time committee member of one of our association’s top medium rodeos, veteran of both the Executive Council and the Board of Directors, and most importantly, announcer, I enjoy the privilege of a truly well-rounded view of the sport and what we as contract personnel bring to the best rodeos in the business. Listening to fellow cardholders and understanding what we need and where we want to be is a hallmark of this position and something I have been proud to prove throughout my previous term. I appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve you all. Cindy Rosser Thank You very much for the Nomination of Contract Personnel Director at Large. I was born and raised in Rodeo, so I know just about every aspect of what it takes to put on a Rodeo. Like all the ingredients! Having served on five other Associations BOD, I can see both sides, and what might be the best solution, for the problem. There will always be wrinkles in the system, so let’s try and iron them out together. Cindy Rosser TEAM ROPING REPRESENTATIVE Incumbent: Matt Sherwood Matt Sherwood No statement provided. Kaleb Driggers No statement provided.



ProRodeo Sports News 3/17/2023

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