PRCA Business Journal - March 6, 2020


Final election ballots for executive council positions will emailed on February 25 th and the voting will end at 5:00pmMT on March 25 th . Ballots will be emailed for: STEER WRESTLING REPRESENTATIVE Matt Reeves I’ll be happy to continue to be the steer wrestling director. I’ll continue to try and move the rodeo world forward for all of us. I hope that the top guys continue to win more. I also hope that the chances to clime that ladder continue to grow. Along with these issues that the circuit guys still have good places to go and the ability to compete. Thank you for your consideration.  Most of all, take the time to vote and be involved!  Mike Cliver II SADDLE BRONC RIDING REPRESENTATIVE Jacobs Crawley During my four years as the saddle bronc event representative, I’ve worked hard to create more opportunity for all saddle bronc riders, and rodeo cowboys in general. Regardless of resumé, I’ve tried to treat each individual with respect, and help them in any way possible. I’d like to be re-elected to this position, and continue in my efforts. No matter which candidate you choose to support, I encourage everyone to vote. Isaac Diaz Chet Johnson Hello, my name is Chet Johnson and I am running for the PRCA Saddle Bronc Riding Director. As a member of the PRCA and CPRA since 2001, I would like the opportunity to utilize my experience to help represent the saddle bronc riders and our sport’s interests for the next two years. Our sport is facing many challenges as it continues to grow and evolve. In a time like this, I would be honored to serve as the voice of the bronc riders in order to help protect our interests, effectively express our concerns, and work to keep everyone updated and informed. This job is very important to me and I would appreciate the chance to help represent our event. Thank you for your time and consideration. Note – If a statement is not printed above, a submission from the candidate was not received. The following categories will not have ballots emailed out, as the position is filled for the following: RODEO COMMITTEE $50,000 OR MORE James Miller RODEO COMMITTEE $10,000 OR LESS Steve Gander RODEO COMMITTEE AT LARGE George Combs CONTRACT PERSONNELANNOUNCERS/MUSIC DIRECTORS Jesse Knudsen CONTRACT PERSONNEL CLOWN/BULLFIGHTERS Robert Blue Jeanes STOCK CONTRACTORS (2 open positions) Wade Sankey TJ Korkow STEER ROPING REPRESENTATIVE J.P. Wickett



ProRodeo Sports News 3/6/2020

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