ProRodeo Sports News - March 17, 2023


How’d you get your start in rodeo? Joel: The sport of rodeo has always been a family tradition on my dad’s side. My grandma was an NFR barrel racer back in her day. We got put on a horse from day one at three or four years old really. When did you know you could make a career out of the sport of rodeo? Joel: I was always encouraged a lot growing up by a lot of people that said we believe you can do well at this and make a career out of it. Whenever you have the respect of your peers it gives a lot of insight into where you’re at in rodeo. Why did you decide tie-down roping would be your event? Joel: It was just something that my dad started us out on. He had a love for it, and we learned to love it as well. When you get to focus on one event it allows you to learn the ins and outs and everything that goes along with it. Who’s someone you look up to in the sport of rodeo? Tie-down roper Joel Harris, 20, is the younger brother of four time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier Ty Harris, but he’s already making his own mark in the sport. At the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo in February, Harris pocketed $9,000. As of March 15, the San Angelo, Texas, native sits 11th in the PRCA | RAM World Standings and is second in the running for the Resistol Rookie of the Year.


Joel: I’ve looked up to my older brother (Ty) my whole life. I’ve always tried to be like him and always copy what he did with rodeo or whatever else. So, I’ve mostly looked up to my older brother, but there are a lot of names you’d want to be like in the rodeo world. What’s one rodeo you want to win before your career is over? Joel: I think everyone dreams as a kid of winning an average buckle at the NFR and eventually winning a gold buckle. Another one I really want to win would be either Houston or Calgary. What have your learned during your rookie season? Joel: I’ve seen that it’s tough and there’s just so many different aspects to every rodeo. The calf you draw can make the difference. Then what horse works well here and what one works well there. You have a similar setup everywhere you go when you’re younger, but once you’re pro it’s a lot different. Why did you decide to buy your PRCA card at this point in your career? Joel: A big reason for that decision was just having the right horses. If you know you have a good horse or two and you believe in your roping, there’s no better time than to go do it now really. What’s your favorite restaurant? Joel: I think everyone’s go to restaurant if they’re being serious, is Whataburger. You can’t go wrong with that one. Do you have a favorite sports team? Joel: That one is easy for me. I’m a big Dallas Cowboys fan. Do you have a favorite candy?

Joel: I would say I eat Reese’s the most when it comes to candy. What was the make and model of the first vehicle you drove? Joel: I would say I was pretty spoiled with that. My first truck was a 2015 Ford F350 when I was old enough to drive. What’s your favorite TV show or series? Joel: The one that I probably enjoy the most watching with my family is The Chosen . It’s a pretty great series. What’s your favorite holiday? Joel: I would say Christmas because our family has always hung out and gotten together. Even with how great rodeo is, it’s nice to take a couple weeks off and relax. What type of music do you like listening to? Joel: I mostly just listen to worship and Christian music. I’m a big fan of UpperRoom or Hillsong. What do you enjoy doing in your downtime from rodeo? Joel: I like playing video games with friends, just like any other kid. I like talking sports and playing basketball when I can as well.

ProRodeo Sports News 3/17/2023


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