ProRodeo Sports News - Sept. 4, 2020


“w Ith new technology comes new opportunIty for rodeo .” John Growney o wner , g rowney b rothers r odeo c ompany

“I’ ve been a podcast guy for years now . I enjoy lIstenIng but most Importantly beIng a part of the nfr e xtra podcast Is somethIng I won ’ t ever forget .” Shane Hanchey t en - tIme nfr Q ualIfIer and 2013 t Ie -d own w orld c hampIon

“nfr e xtra mIght be the best , most entertaInIng and educa - tIonal podcast for rodeo In the w estern Industry rIght now . t hey have great guests and the hosts are prepared In a calm and IntellIgent way to dIscuss the relevant Issues of the day .” Steve Stallworth g eneral m anager , s outh p oInt a rena & e QuestrIan c enter

“I lIsten to w estern lIfestyle podcasts on a regular basIs . nfr e xtra Is at the top because It dIscusses relevant Issues from all dIfferent perspectIves , whether It be rodeo commIttees , contractors , contestants , sponsors , and communItIes and how each are IntertwIned to ensure the success of the sport and lIfestyle .” Randy Bracher p resIdent , p endleton r ound -u p a ssocIatIon

“nfr extra Is at the top of my lIst . I t gIves fans and potentIal new fans a chance to get to know the contestants outsIde of the arena and help grow the sport of rodeo .” J.W. Harris n Ine - tIme nfr Q ualIfIer and f our -t Ime b ull r IdIng w orld c hampIon

“a great place for InsIde InformatIon and sImple explanatIons of the w estern Industry .” Bret Beach t hree - tIme nfr Q ualIfIer and j unIor w orld f Inals p roducer

“nfr extra Is one of the best rodeo pod - casts there Is . t hey do a great job of really goIng Into the lIves of the athletes they IntervIew .” Tim O’Connell s Ix - tIme nfr Q ualIfIer and t hree -t Ime b areback r IdIng w orld c hampIon

“t he nfr e xtra podcast dIves Into the rodeo Industry from all perspectIves . I t Is a great opportunIty for contestants , sponsors and fans alIke to gaIn InsIght of what It takes to grow , support and energIze the sport of rodeo .” Peyton Bennight r odeo s pecIalIst , yetI


Episodes drop weekly and then daily during the 10 days of the Wrangler NFR. Find us on iTunes, Spotify or any places you listen.


ProRodeo Sports News 8/7/2020


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