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Change R1.4.2 Single Event Buddy. R1.4.2.1 Same Event. Contestants wishing to buddy must have exactly the same preferences and parameters and can buddy only in the same event. Any deviation shall negate the buddy arrangement. (H. Ford submitted 6/18) Change R8.1 Livestock to Be Furnished by Stock Contractors. All livestock furnished to a PRCA-sanctioned event must be owned by a PRCA Non-Contestant Card Member Stock Contractor or First Year Stock Contractor. For purposes of this Rule R8.1, an animal shall be considered “owned” if 1) the Stock Contractor or First Year Stock Contractor owns one hundred percent (100%) fifty-one percent (51%) of the right, title and interest in that animal, and 2) the Stock Contractor or First Year Stock Contractor meets the requirements as further defined in B1.5.12.2 and B1. and 3) the animal carries a permanent, legible brand of the Stock Contractor/First Year Stock Contractor that has been registered with the PRCA. Stock Contractors or First Year Stock Contractors must designate either one (1) brand for all horses and bulls or one (1) brand for all horses and one (1) brand for all bulls. In addition, all Stock Contractors or First Year Stock Contractors must designate only one (1) brand location for all horses and only one (1) brand location for all bulls. Violation of this Rule at any PRCA Rodeo or performance, including slack, covered by sections 13 or 14 of the PRCA Bylaws, or such other championship or finals rodeo identified by the PRCA National Office (i.e. National Finals Rodeo, National Circuit Finals, Circuit Finals, etc.) shall result in a two-year suspension from the championship rodeos or finals rodeos and a fine equal to five thousand dollars ($5,000) for each animal used at a championship or finals rodeo not owned by the Stock Contractor/First Year Stock Contractor. Violation of this rule at any PRCA-sanctioned event, other than a championship or finals rodeo, shall result in a fine of one thousand ($1,000) for each animal used at the PRCA-sanctioned event, performance or slack. Such fines shall be assessed unless there is a demonstrated emergency or hardship deemed acceptable by the PRCA or unless written approval has been granted by the PRCA prior to the event, performance or slack. In the event that any provision of this Section R8.1 shall conflict with one or more PRCA Bylaws or Rules, the terms of this Section R8.1 shall prevail. (H. Franzen submitted 6/18) 2021 Bylaw Proposals Change B1.5.3 Timers. Annual dues for timers will be $45, plus the required premium for the membership group accident insurance. New applicants must intern at a minimum of five performances at a minimum of two rodeos. Internship is at new timer’s own expense. The new timer will be evaluated on the following items: (A) Timing accuracy; watching flag to flag (B) must know PRCA Rulebook and be familiar with timer’s handbook (C) know what needs to be posted; where it needs to be posted and correct posting procedures (D) be familiar with both timed event and riding event (when needed) drawing procedures (E) must have own equipment: watches (digital and sweep hand), whistle, black and/or blue pens for posting. When posting, handwriting must be legible (F) must learn how to use electronic timing equipment accurately (G) be professional in own appearance (H) be willing to follow instruction and be courteous to other co-workers. The New Timer Evaluation form must be signed by one Judge, one Timer and one Secretary at each rodeo. Originals will be mailed to Member Records by the rodeo secretary. Copies of the New Timer Evaluation form will be made for the New Timer applicant to attach to the application; and the manager of Member Records. After completion of the internship, the Director of Rodeo Administration will examine the New Timer Evaluations to accept or deny the timer membership application. If approved for PRCA membership, New Timer must take PRCA Timers Clinic Seminar prior to purchase of PRCA membership. (D. Davis & S. Backstrom submitted 3/18) Change B1.5.3.1 Maintaining Timer Qualifications. A new timer or a timer For any timer who times less than four rodeos or 8 performances per year and who has been a PRCA timer for less then 10 years, Timer will be required to attend participate in a PRCA sponsored Timers Clinic within 30 days of membership renewal for the next competition season every two years to be eligible to time PRCA rodeos. Failure to participate in a PRCA sponsored Timers Clinic will result in the timer’s membership being suspended until Clinic participation is completed. Clinic attendance participation will be at the individual expense of the timer wishing to renew their membership. New applicants will be required to complete a Timers Clinic in order to complete their acceptance as a PRCA contract personnel member. After a period of 10 years of membership, participation in a PRCA sponsored Timers Clinic by a timer will be on an individual basis as deemed necessary by the Director of Rodeo Administration. (D. Davis & S. Backstrom submitted 3/18) Change B15.1.5 Limitation on Acceptance of Contestant Card Members. Other than the National Finals Rodeo, the National Circuit Finals Rodeo and any Circuit Finals Rodeo, a rodeo must be open for competition to all Contestant Card Members. unless specific limitations are set forth in the application for approval and are approved by the Director of Rodeo Administration and the Event Representative. If limitation is requested an approved qualifying event must take place prior to the event, All contestant card member must participate in the event to be eligible to enter the event. No contestant will be allowed to enter without participating in qualifier event regardless of standing or prior accomplishments. Approval must be voted on by the Event Representative and Director of Rodeo Administration. One year prior to the event and must be posted in the business journal prior to vote so that the member may voice their opinions so voting members can make a decision that represents the members. (C. Townsend submitted 4/18)



ProRodeo Sports News 3/22/2019

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