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The following were approved, effective 1/2019: Change B13.3.2.1 Primary Stock Contractor Defined. A Primary Stock Contractor shall be that Stock Contractor or Probationary Stock Contractor 1) listed as the Primary Stock Contractor on the official PRCA rodeo approval form and on the Rodeo Committee contract for the furnishing of stock and 2) which owns at least 20% of the total riding event stock (based on the number of contestants entered) supplied to that rodeo. If the final calculation result includes a fraction of .5 or less, the result will be rounded down to the next whole number. There will be no more than one Primary Stock Contractor per PRCA-approved rodeo, and a stock contractor is not eligible to be the Primary Stock Contractor unless the rodeo offers all of the PRCA Standard Events. If no Stock Contractor or Probationary Stock Contractor satisfies these requirements of a Primary Stock Contractor for a given rodeo, there will be no Primary Stock Contractor for that rodeo. The PRCA Director of Rodeo Administration shall have the right to review the Rodeo Committee contract to verify Primary Stock Contractor status. For purposes of this Section B13.3.2.1 and Section B13.3.2, no stock contractor will receive credit as the Primary Stock Contractor at any Circuit Finals Rodeo or the National Circuit Finals Rodeo. Change B1.5.7 Pickup Men B1.5.7.3 Minimum Contracts. Permit applicant must provide a list of 5 PRCA rodeos sanctioned events, which must include all three riding events for evaluation. The applicant will work on that permit, for up to 5 PRCA sanctioned events, which must include all three riding events. The evaluation will be completed by a saddle bronc or bareback contestant event representative (or someone of their designation). However, the contestant event representative will physically sign off on the evaluation. If for any reason the contestant event representative (or his designee) does not evaluate the permit pickup man within the 5 given rodeos PRCA sanctioned events, which must include all three riding events, they may reapply for another permit which gives them an additional 5 rodeos sanctioned events which must include all three riding events (at no additional cost). B1.5.7.4 Requirements to Become a Pickup Man. Upon evaluation and approval by the contestant event representative, applicant may submit for a non-contestant pickup man card at the cost of $500 $460. If the permit was purchased within the same rodeo season, they will pay the difference for the card. If they do not have a successful evaluation, the permit will be immediately revoked, and that person cannot pickup at any other PRCA event following the rodeo in which they are evaluated. They may re-apply in one calendar year and pay all applicable fees to begin the process again. Change R6.3.3 Conflict Due to a Reride. A riding event contestant with a reride which can only be taken during a performance other than that contestant’s originally scheduled performance for that rodeo, thereby creating a conflict with the first go-round of a second rodeo, may draw out of the either that rodeo provided the contestant follows the following procedure: 1) The contestant must notify the ProOfficials of the rodeo where the option of the reride was given of his decision to accept the reride, or to draw out of that rodeo, immediately upon learning which animal would be used as a reride and the time of the reride. 2) Should the contestant accept the reride, he must notify the Central Entry Office of his decision to be drawn out of the second rodeo no later than the turn-out deadline for his position for the first go-round of the second rodeo. In no case will a draw out option be accepted if the option is for other than a first go-round. The following was approved effective March 1, 2019   Change B10.2.10 Co-approval For Two or More Circuits. Rodeos that add $6,000 on or after Jan. 1, 2017 and increased by 1% each Jan. 1 thereafter, or less per event may request co-approval for one or more additional circuits. Criteria is as follows: a) Must be a bordering circuit b) rodeo must be within 100 200 miles of contestant’s home circuit. Money won will be counted as official earnings for his circuit standings/points however the rodeo will not count towards his circuit count. as well as a circuit count. 2020 Rule Proposals New Rule R1.3.4 Minimum Go-Rounds in the Team Roping for Rodeos with Four or More Performances. Rodeos that have four or more performances and add more than $3,000 in the team roping must have at least two go-rounds. If the rodeo adds less than $2999.99 in the team roping and has less than 4 performances, it will be one go-round. (M. Egusquiza submitted 7/2017) Change R11.8.2 Requirements for Roping. Field judge shall drop flag when steer is roped by its head and heels, and both horses are facing steer in line with ropes dallied and tight. Horses’ front feet must be on ground and ropers must be mounted for flag to drop. Steer must be standing up when roped by head and heels. (M. Egusquiza submitted 9/2017)



ProRodeo Sports News 3/22/2019

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