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days from the last performance, not including date of last performance. Contestant’s membership number must be on each prize money check sent to the PRCA National Office. Arena secretary shall be fined $50 for failure to comply with this Bylaw. However, if a contestant has specified where he wants his money sent, arena secretary shall send the corresponding prize money to that address . (D. Davis submitted 3/2018) Change B15. Steer Wrestling . At rodeos where there are two or more go-rounds, and the stock contractor/rodeo committee provides one head of livestock for each contestant and the competition has more than 15 entries, there will be a stock charge in the steer wrestling of $5 per go-round, per entry. The stock charge will only be paid if the steer wrestling event representative, a circuit contestant at the rodeo and the judge who is assigned as the crew chief of the rodeo collectively validate that the entire steer wrestling herd must meet all the following requirements (R8.3.2 brands on left side or left horn, R8.9.2 horn length of 9” minimum, R8.12.2 certified corriente with “m” brand weighing between 450 – 600 lbs). For purposes of calculating the stock charge, no stock charge will be assessed for progressive go-rounds or finals/short go-rounds. This stock charge will be assessed equally for Contestant Card Members and Permit Members. (D. Melvin submitted 3/18) New Bylaw B1.3.1.1 Applicant must submit a print quality headshot within 30 days of payment of member dues. Photo must be electronically uploaded through the member portal. Applicant must be in western attire and wearing a cowboy hat. Patches Anyone seeking to achieve non-contestant Membership status in the PRCA in the category of Photographer must satisfy the following: Submit photo portfolio as per PRCAMedia guidelines as outlined in the PRCA Rulebook. This will be reviewed by the Photographer Coordinator and/or their designates for initial acceptance. If initial acceptance is granted, then the steps below must be completed. Submit a completed PRCA application form accompanied by two (2) letters of recommendation (one (1) letter from a qualified person in each category below); Accepted signors for letters of recommendation for prospective Photographer applicants: 1) Former (cardholding) PRCA Photographer of the Year. Former (cardholding) PRCA Photographer of the Year OR a finalist in the Photographer of the Year voting within the past three years. 2) Cardholding PRCA photographer with at least 10 years as a PRCA Photographer in good standing. Applicant will be responsible for the $300.00 non-contestant PRCA permit dues (or the current dues amount). This fee includes insurance coverage while on permit status. Upon completion of the above, applicant will be issued a noncontestant PERMIT for tentative membership status. Applicant will be required to submit ALL work (contact sheets) from 5 rodeos - including at least 2 indoor or night events. Immediately after completion of each of the applicant’s five (5) required PRCA rodeos, all contact sheets generated at that event must be sent to the PRCAMedia Dept. for evaluation by the Photographer Coordinator as outlined above. Also, an arena evaluation will be required (as outlined below). The contact sheet and arena evaluation (combined) will serve as the applicant’s final review for permanent membership status. Method for arena evaluation: Applicant must attend rodeo where a Photographer review member will be working for arena conduct evaluation. Applicant will coordinate with PRCA Media Dept. and review member to arrange to attend a rodeo where one of the review members will be. Review member can work with the rodeo committee to help in the process of attaining the necessary passes and credentials for applicant. Applicant will attend that event (at their own expense) for a designated time period and be observed by the review member as to arena etiquette and general knowledge of the sport. This review will be considered as one of the five (5) required rodeos outlined above. The review member will fill out a survey form with information regarding the applicant, and return it to the PRCA Media Dept. to be used in the final evaluation of applicant. This process will be in conjunction with the contact sheet reviews outlined above. (PRCA staff submitted 3/18) 2021 Rule Proposals Change R1.4.1.2 Limited Rodeos. Members of buddy groups that are entered at limited rodeos must state at time of entry if they wish to be drawn out if any or all of their buddies are not accepted. If contestants do not state, at time of entry, their preference to be drawn out if their buddies are not accepted, they will remain entered even though any or all of the rest of the buddy group may be drawn out. (C. Townsend submitted 4/18) ADD NEW R1.4.1.2 Rodeos that limit the number of contestants: After the qualifying event, only those contestants who qualified are eligible to buddy for the rodeo. If a contestant buddies with a contestant who is not qualified both will be drawn out and the option for entry will go back down the qualification list. (C. Townsend submitted 4/18) Change R1.6.2 Maximum Number of Official Entries. A contestant may enter as many PRCA-approved rodeos as desired. However, no more than the following number of rodeos will be accepted as official entries: Bareback Riding 100 Official Rodeos Saddle Bronc Riding 100 Official Rodeos Bull Riding No limit Tie-Down Roping 100 Official Rodeos No Limit Steer or sponsor endorsements are not permitted in photo. (PRCA staff submitted 3/18) Change B1.5.8.3 PRCA Photographer Membership Application Process


ProRodeo Sports News 3/22/2019


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