PRCA Business Journal - March 17, 2023


Final election ballots for Executive Council positions will be emailed no later than February 25, 2023 and are due by 5pm MT, March 25, 2023. The following categories will not have ballots mailed out, as the positions are filled for the following:

Rodeo Committee $10,000.01-$20,000 – Dave Marshall Contract Personnel – Specialty Acts/Labor - Josh Edwards Contract Personnel Secretary/ Timers – Sunni Deb Backstrom Bareback Contestant Representative - Caleb Bennett Bull Riding Contestant Representative – Cody Rostockyj Tie Down Contestant Representative – Shane Hanchey


Stock Contractor (3 open positions) – David Morehead, Jerry Dorenkamp, Steve Sutton General Membership Representative to the Competition Committee : John Franzen BALLOTS WILL BE EMAILED FOR: RODEO COMMITTEE $20,000.01-$50,000 Incumbent: Larry McConnell – Not running for position Bryant Nelson I would like to thank my colleagues for consideration for the Rodeo Committee Executive Council. I am currently serving on the RCEC in the $10,000 to $20,000 category; however, our rodeo has successfully moved up and I am now eligible for the 20K to 50K category. I have served in a voluntary position as Rodeo Chairman in Jerome Idaho for the past 18 years. Since being elected to the RCEC I have been a strong voice for small and medium rodeos. As a volunteer, I understand the struggles and concerns of rodeo committees as we look at things from a different perspective than others who may not have to contribute their own time. I will continue to be a strong voice for all rodeo committees. I will continue to bring these committees concerns to the table and speak on their behalf. I have been a member of the PRCA since 1989 and have been involved in many aspects of rodeo production. I believe my 34 years of involvement with Professional Rodeo gives me an insight to the ever-changing struggles that rodeo committees face on a daily basis. I would ask for and appreciate your vote in the upcoming RCEC elections. Greg McDonald You should have recently received a voting ballot for your representative to the Rodeo Committee Executive Council (RCEC). This Council provides committees with our most important voice in the Association. I have accepted the nomination to represent your rodeo on the RCEC. I take this honor very seriously and ask that you consider voting for me. Rodeo committees are the backbone of our industry. We need to keep vigilant on our commitment to keeping our industry interest’s and act on concerns and issues in an articulate way. We do this for our individual rodeos, industry growth and the preservation of our sport. I have over 40 years’ experience in the rodeo industry as a contestant, media relations, rodeo production, event marketing and serving on various boards. I currently serve as the Executive Director of the Bu alo PRCA Championship Rodeo in Bu alo, MN (Minnesota’s oldest PRCA Rodeo). Since 2020, we have doubled the added money and tripled sponsorship dollars while investing 100,000 in infrastructure. I have a proven track record of accomplishments. I have the time and passion to devote to this position. I promise to seriously address committee issues and I will dedicate my e ort to improve communications

ProRodeo Sports News 3/17/2023


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