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Father & Son

Bull rider Parker Breding is following in his dad’s footsteps as both he and Scott Breding have made multiple Wrangler NFR qualifications.

Comparing riding styles of Parker and Scott Breding

BY MATT NABER A sense of déjà vu chute.

him. We sit upright and don’t get too far forward, and it looks a lot alike. My free arm does more than his could because he had so many shoulder surgeries, but the moves are similar. His feet on a bull were more solid than

PARKER BREDING Wrangler NFR qualifications: 2013, 2015, 2018

overcomes longtime fans when bull rider Parker Breding comes out of the

Born: Sept. 2, 1992 Joined PRCA: 2011 Career earnings: $691,678 SCOTT BREDING NFR qualifications: 1994-97, 1999 Born: June 16, 1962 Years active in PRCA: 1985-2001 Career earnings: $520,989

Photo courtesy of Parker Breding

The Montana cowboy’s riding style is highly reminiscent of how his dad, Scott, rode bulls in the 1980s and ’90s. Perhaps it’s genetics or maybe it’s

mine, he would grab hold with his spurs and his feet would be pointed out. My left foot goes under the armpit and my right knee draws up a bit. I don’t know where I picked that up – I just learned it from riding over the years. If I could

conditioning, but the Bredings share a riding style that’s landed them at the National Finals Rodeo multiple times – but only they can spot their differences. ProRodeo Sports News talked with the Bredings about their similarities and differences. How do your riding styles compare? Parker: I’ve had numerous people tell me they knew my dad before, and they say, ‘I swear I was watching Scott ride,’ and that I look like him, which I can see that. His overall body and the way he sits on a bull, I got that from

pick anything to emulate frommy father, it would be his feet for sure. Scott: A lot of people say he looks like his dad, and I say he doesn’t. When I critique his style, I had a hold with my feet more than he does and he knees up more than me. He is an inch or two taller than me, and therefore he has some more length in his body to deal with than I had. His free arm is held differently, he holds his in more to himself and keeps control of it better than I did. I extended mine out more and his is tucked at a 45-degree angle.

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