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ABOUT MOSE AGE: 22 HOMETOWN: Kissimmee, Fla.

CIRCUIT: Southeastern EVENT: Steer wrestling RECENT WIN: 91st annual Arcadia All- Florida Championship Rodeo

Fleming doesn’t expect to rodeo much outside his circuit, he doesn’t go full time, nor does he plan to. For him, the RAMNational Circuit Finals Rodeo in his hometown of Kissimmee is what he’s aiming for. It helps that the Silver Spurs Arena, site of the RAMNCFR, is about five minutes from his house. “It would be awesome to be able to go across the street for the biggest rodeo I’d be at all year,” Fleming said. “That is the goal.” Dymmek, who also is fromKissimmee, knows Fleming can get to the RAMNCFR and said it could be a boost to really push Fleming. “He hasn’t made it before, but I think

Dymmek, who

finished second in the average in Arcadia and third in Montgomery, has enjoyed watching Fleming get on a roll.

“Man, he’s been hot, he’s been bulldogging well,” Dymmek said. “I hope he’s loving it as much as he should be and seems to be. It seems like every time he nods his head, he’s winning a check.”

it’d be really exciting for him,” said Dymmek, who’s been to the RAMNCFR in Kissimmee twice. “It would be a big step for him. A big part of the RAM Finals is it gives you a taste of that next stage, the better stage, the better competition. It gives you a taste of it and probably a little more drive later.” For Dymmek, traveling with his nephew is a no-brainer. “It’s a blast,” he said. “It’s family. You love him and trust him, and he’s an easy man to travel with.” When Fleming gets to a rodeo, it’s a different kind of trucking that’s leading him to the pay window, his 6-year-old horse Betton. Fleming’s grandmother, Se’belle Dymmek, who also sponsors him, gave him the horse. “He’s just solid and gives you the same go every time,” Fleming said. “This is really just his second year of ProRodeoing. And he’s doing really good for it. He’s made a really, really good improvement in buildings and handling crowds, not being so antsy.” The 6-foot-1, 200-pound bulldogger comes from a family of steer wrestlers, his grandfather the one getting him into the sport. He dabbled with other events, but nothing compared to steer wrestling. “When I was in high school, I tie-down roped and everything,” he said. “I just liked bulldogging the most, it’s the most fun for me. I like watching it the most, so I like doing it the most.” In the Southeastern Circuit standings, Fleming’s recent run of success had him trailing only Tyler Waguespack, the 2016 and 2018World Champion Steer Wrestler. In Arcadia, while placing fifth in the first round and second in the second round, Fleming won the two-head average in 10.6 seconds. He earned $2,876. He won $1,692 in Montgomery. “The last three weeks have been really good for me between Arcadia and Montgomery,” Fleming said. RODEOTRAIL

Mose Fleming rides Operation Wonder, a hazing horse, during the RAM National Circuit Finals cattle drive in 2017 in Kissimmee, Fla., where Fleming grew up and still lives. Photo courtesy Mose Fleming

ProRodeo Sports News 4/5/2019


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