ProRodeo Sports News - April 5, 2019

Steer wrestler Mose Fleming finished fourth at the Okeechobee Florida Cowtown Rodeo, March 8-10, with this 4.9-second run. Ron Mandes photo

BY SCOTT KANIEWSKI A t 22, Mose Fleming is already into his fifth season of ProRodeo. In the middle of what could be his best season, Fleming is on a roll. The Kissimmee, Fla., native recently won the 91st annual Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo and took second at the Southeastern Livestock Exposition in Montgomery, Ala., days later. Fleming, who bought his PRCA card at 18, ranked just outside the top 50 in the PRCA | RAMWorld Standings as of April 1 with $7,714 earned. More importantly, the Southeastern Circuit cowboy was sitting second in the circuit standings, a little more than $200 out of first. It’s a strong start to the season for the circuit cowboy. His best season came last year when he earned $8,748. Mose-yingAlong Kissimmee cowboy steering for circuit title TRUCKIN ’

His uncle and traveling partner, Kamry Dymmek, knows Fleming could be headed for a great season. “Boy, he is in the thick of things, though it’s still early in the year,” Dymmek said.

Fleming, whose full name is A. Moses Fleming, already owns a business. He’s an owner/operator truck driver, running Fleming Hauling LLC. He’s had the business up and running for about six months. Operating his own business is a big help when it comes to his passion of rodeo. “It’s cool to make your own hours, drive when you want or take a day off,” Fleming said. “It’s also the perfect job to have when you’re rodeoing because it’s not a set schedule. If you want to leave for two weeks you can probably make it happen.”

ProRodeo Sports News 4/5/2019


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